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Food Longevity;
We have ate the following food items at the number of years stated past their recommended use by date. We did not have any noted problems, but cant garuntee anything..
1.) Mashed Potatoes, Powder, GFS- 3 years past date 2.) Macaroni & Cheese, Aldi’s- 7 Years past (has a brownish color) 3.) Oats, Quakier- 5 years past date 4.) Beef Stew, canned, 6 years past date 5.) Hash, canned- 7 years past date
6.) Ravioli canned- 6 years past date 7.) Elbow macaroni, regatta- 6 years past date 8.) Lima beans, Libby’s canned- 4years past date 9.) Corned beef, canned- 4 years past date 10.) Hershey chocolate bars- 6+ years past date  
11.) Skittles candy - 6 years past 12.) Butterfinger candy bars - 6 years past 13.) Spanish Rice, Rice a Ronie, 6 years past, but it tasted a lot like card board.