CIVIL DEFENSE NEWS NETWORK CD Awaken, Repent & Prepare! Awaken, Repent & Prepare! Awaken, Repent & Prepare!  2016 April 2016 May White Genocide-& the African-ization of America Americans That Are Considered “Potential Terrorists” Blacks attack pedestrians in Chicago Black man arrested for sex with neighbor's dogs Black brothers charged w/ molesting 10-yr-old Black Man arrested for gang rape of teenage girl Black bus driver accused of masturbating Black teen gets 17 yrs for killing 12-yr-old girl Black men abduct 14-year-old Black mob pounces on woman: 'Shut up white [bleep!]' Black mob strikes Ohio mother Black mob-in-training bullies white girl, 3 Shhh! Teen mob that raped 2 women ... was black Police not interested in brutal beating on tape Black teens, 16, who beat WWII vet to death Black Teens kill white baseball player 'for fun' Racist tweet from murder suspect Vicious: Blacks pummel white child on bus White Man in coma after black mob of 50 pummels him Black man in hoodie stabs white girl 11 times Kaboom! Now black mobs kill 4th of July Blacks mob kills white victim & eye kicked out of socket White Family picnic turns to horror thanks to black mob Mall maul nothing much, authorities report DHS Employee Behind Racist Website Non-citizens could serve on California juries Jonathan Foster Murder It wasn't just Skittles Trayvon was carrying Knoxville horror-Blacks rape, mutilate & murder white couple Michael Savage - Can the white race survive Black woman sicks dog on white lady Beat Whitey Night - Iowa State Fair Beat Whitey Night - Wisconsin State Fair Warrant-Issued-for-Black Boyfriend-of-Murdered White Mansfield-Mother Rochester black man charged in connection with double homicide of white women    7-Black teens-charged with beating-white classmate-unconscious on school bus Authorities-search-for-14-year-old-georgia-girl-abducted-by-armed-robbers? Black man caught having sex with a minor in the courthouse bathroom Black man arrested for leading gang rape of teenage girl on a cruise ship Black man accused of attacking white man for listening to rap 40 year old black mom found nude in teen boys closet  Black New Jersey bus driver accused of masturbating behind the wheel Upcoming-documentary-know-those-horrific-Tennessee-murders Destroying white race White genocide White race under threat in America Latino Non Hispanic whites demographer Minority kids grow to majority La Raza Founder - Kill the Gringos Illegal-immigration-is-absolute-nightmare-for-u-s-economy Nation of Aztlan Mexicans Go Apeshit Over Arizona Mexican Gangs Taking Over America !! Immigrants-account-for-all-job-gains-since-2000 Thousands of illegals rally across-U.S. for immigration-bill Activists-push-path-citizenship-nothing-less SDPD Harassing Veteran Over Posting the American Flag America will be torn apart from within by Mexican racist Angered veteran cuts down an American Flag being flown below the Mexican Flag. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Mexican Army in armed standoff IN AMERICA! Armed Mexican Navy Chopper Invades Texas Mexican Soldiers Cross the Border Into America Armed-gang-rapes-6-Spanish-tourists-mexico Victims-of-illegal-immigrant-violence-also-oppose-amnesty-bill IRS-refunded-tens-of-millions-of-dollars-to-unauthorized-illegal-workers Illegal protesters-demand-organ-transplants-for-undocumented-immigrants Bill-gives-illegals-student-loan-equality GOP-immigration-plan-devised-by-communist-party Obama-administration-makes-secret-deal-with-mexico-to-help-illegal-immigrants-in-the-workplace Anchor Baby Power immigration plan devised by Communist Party Mystery Babylon has been set up for the fall Obama-closing-air-defense-system on us/mexico-border leaving texas-america-vulnerable Air-force-to-shut-down-space-surveillance-system Test-failure-stirs-missile-defense-doubts They Scrapped the F-22!  No flights for F-35s until 2018  Air Force keeps fleet of aging warhorsesl  Saying Goodbye to the Peacekeeper Missile The-deindustrialization-of-America-that-will-blow-your-mind Special-operations-forces-are-worried Nuclear War Unthinkable? Russian-bomber-conducts-practice-strikes on U.S. missile defenses Russians-trains-to-disarm-us-citizens-on-us-soil Secret-document-that-proves-china-considers-the-united-states-to-be-a-mortal-enemy Apostasy Church-of-England-creating-pagan-church-to-recruit-members  The progressively homosexual church Lutheran-church-of-America-elects-first-openly-gay-bishop (page now missing) The-first-jewish-archbishop-of-canterbury-heads-to-israel/  Can-neuroscience-cure-people-of-faith-in-God Church-of-England-Revisits-Push-for-Women-Bishops/ Disciples-of-Christ-church-votes-to-affirm-homosexuality-transgenderism-allows-openly-gay-leaders- Queen-Elizabeth-Gives-OK-on-UK-Gay-Marriage/ Pope Francis: Church Is Too ‘Obsessed’ With Abortion, Birth Control, And Gay Marriage  Rise of the religious left Christians-repent from your past treatment of gays-says-Archbishop PASTORS WON'T TAKE A STAND War on Christians Christians-emptied-from-middle-east "Rape Jihad" Against Children-Britain-child-grooming Angry-Islamists-Turn-Wrath-on-Egypts-Christians Christian-Girls-Being-Snatched by Islamist Traffickers/ Syrian refugees 'sold for marriage' in Jordan U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels Killing Christians  U.S. Backed Syrian Rebels beheading Christians U.S. Backed Syrian rebel 'eats the heart' of Syrian soldier U.S. backed Islamic Jihadists Decapitate Egyptian Christians U.S. Arming Rebels That Massacre Christian Villages? U.S. backed Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians U.S. State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda American Muslims Stone Christians; Police Turn a Blind Eye Muslim Brotherhood Murders Christians For Not Paying Jizya Tax Muslim War Against Christians Militant muslims Turn Nigeria into Christian Killing Field Muslims burn Christian kids alive Pat-Buchanan-U.S. has been de-christianized Army Email Labels Christian Organizations That Oppose Gay Marriage as ‘Domestic Hate Groups’ NY POST: ‘MUSLIMS LIVE - ALL OTHERS DIE’ Syrian Christians Face Extinction Christians Facing Darker Days U.S. Arming Rebels That Massacre Christian Villages? Muslim War Against Christians Army Values at War with Christian Values? U.S. State Dept. Ships Arms Directly to al-Qaeda rebels eat human hearts U.S. backed Islamic Terror Groups Are Killing Christians American Muslims Stone Christians; Police Turn a Blind Eye Muslim Brotherhood Murders Christians For Not Paying Jizya Tax Sick society State-police-use-taser-on-11-year-old-autistic-girl/ why-not-host-teen-sex-sleepovers/ Sailor-proposes-to-his-boyfriend-as-sub-returns Three-grade-school-boys-allegedly-forced-third-grader-to perform oral sex on them Anal hazing or queer rape is apparently a thing in American high schools now    Cops-say-they-have-photos-of-maryland-teacher-doing-it-with-family-dog/ Boy-13-charged-wrestling-death-girl-5- Teacher-accused-sexually-assaulting-female-student-blames-parkinson Teen was raped by up to 20 men after homecoming dance Third-graders-introduce-obama-at-lgbt Cancer_research_bogus Planned-parenthood-record-year-for-abortions & taxpayer-funding The-spirit-evil-has-has-now-filled-the-land-watch-abortion-supporters-chant-hail-satan-while-pro-life- activists-sing-amazing-grace-outside-texas-capitol/ Treason Joint-us-russia-military-drills-2012-4 Russian_Air_Force_to_take_part_in_USAF_training_exercises China-usa-piracy Mystery-surrounding-1-2-billion-rounds-of-ammo-solved dhs-purchases-200-million-more-rounds-of-ammunition/ Russian-forces-to-provide-security-at-us-events/ Traitors sell U.S. to invaders! Chinese-group-plans-to-construct-a-200-acre-china-city-in-Michigan And something kinda good Glenn-Beck; the U.S. is lost tribes-of-Israel Professor says Jesus visited England   2016 June 2016 July 2016 August 2016 September *All information provided on the website is for research and educational purposes only* Good Sermons from the 1950’s & 1960’s Basic Identity Good Sermons from the 1970’s & 1980’s We believe that the Lord God Almighty has given us a plan to salvation:        * Repent and be Baptised.    (Acts  2:38)        * Keep the commandments of God and have faith in and testimony of the           Lord, Saviour and Messiah Jesus Christ.  (Rev. 12:17, Deut. 30:16, Rev.14:12)        * Have a sword.  (Luke 22:36)        * Have a shelter to enter into.   (Isaiah 26:20,21)        * Have supplies to last to the end.  (Mark 13:13 Matt. 25:1-12)        * Come out of Babylon.  (Rev. 18:4,5)  (be self-sufficient) If not, Jesus will come like a thief in the night. Be watchful, awaken and be ready. (Rev.3:3, 1 Thess. 5:1-7, Rev. 16:15) 2016 October  2016 November  2016 December 2017 January 2017 March  2017 April 2017 May 2017 June  2017 July  2017 February  2017 August 2017 September  2017 October  2017 November  2017 December  2018 January  2018 February  2018 March 2018 April 2018 June 2018 May 2018 July  2018 August 2018 September  2018 October See older news here Russia’s next super submarine is almost ready Russia tests HYPERSONIC cruise missiles China’s New Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarines China’s best weapons of war China’s plan to destroy the F-22 and F-35 in battle China to get Russia’s lethal Su-35 fighter this year Chinese implicated in US F-35 military hacking case Israel linked to FBI's iPhone hack China’s Fighters, Drone Look Like U.S. Aircraft China orders military battle ready China's hold on South China Sea tightening China is now stronger than ever Will This Trigger World War III? European NUCLEAR WAR IMMINENT Chinese Navy’s Fleet Will Outnumber U.S. Disorder in US army goes off scale US in crisis? Chiefs admit they are UNPREPARED U.S. ability to fight major overseas war in doubt U.S. Navy keeps sidelining its best surface ships Another Year to the junk F-35’s Timeline of Delays The Pentagon’s $10-billion bet gone bad Russia’s Military Capabilities  Russia's Kirov-class battlecruisers Russian special services warned Belgium European authorities overwhelmed Freed Guantanamo jihadis have murdered Americans Muslims demand FBI cancel counter-terror program Brussels & Paris were rehearsals for “big” attack inside U.S. China to impose new tax on imports Chinese warships to join major US-hosted naval drills!!!!! Chinese newspaper praises hacker for spying on U.S. Accepting transgenderism is child abuse Satan’s corporations pressure georgia for sex perverts  Georgia governor bows to satan Christian hacked to death 16 US Ships Still Contaminated With Radiation U.S. Carrier Group Exits South China Sea Days after Arriving North Korea threatens preemptive nuclear strike Muslims  murder 72 Christians Muslims  immigrants murder Europeans in Belgium Muslim stomps on Brussels memorial Muslim prayers allowed in public schools Muslim isis crucified a priest on Good Friday Blacks murdering blacks Blacks murder Brit in San Francisco FBI Stat’s of the Africanization ‘Pedophile Island’ Back Hillary backs Muslims-Christians left to die We’re Frightening Close’ to Losing Christianity CIA rapes & makes porn What the hell is wrong with people? (dog sex) Satan’s Scientist eats human flesh!0 'sex slave' for more than a decade Illegal Immigrants Get Public Health Care Obama aiding the enemy! U.S. to sail aircraft carrier through disputed China Sea China Denies U.S. Carrier Hong Kong Visit EMP alert: 2 N. Korean satellites now orbit over U.S. U.S. has not ruled out using nuclear weapons on N.K. Saudis fueling jihadist 'powder keg' in Europe WW3 Unfolding Before Our Eyes Media Asks If WWIII Has Already Begun? Chinese can cripple U.S. combat operations US Mulling Response To Russia’s Russians 'barrel roll' over another U.S. plane Russian Su-24 aircraft buzz U.S. ship near Crimea Russian SU-27 fighter had intercepted U.S. Aircraft weapons gap is shrinking between US & Russia USAF F-22 Raptors Arrive In Romania USAF F-22 fighter jets land in Lithuania USAF F-22s deploy to England U.S. F-15s deployed to Iceland US military to conduct large-scale drills 5 out of 6 F-35 still junk Russian Next-Generation Fighters China Successfully Tests Hypersonic Missile Lt. Cmdr. Edward Lin Accused of Giving U.S. Secrets to China Trump Says ‘Saudi Arabia Has Plenty of Room’ Professor: Civil War “Most Likely” Outcome of Migrant Crisis Pastors, Church & Hillary Clinton Are Bringing Terrorists to U.S. Militias Armed by the Pentagon Fight Those Armed by the CIA Turkey Behind Islamic State Invasion of Europe Muslim 'No-Go' Areas Across EU Club Med: Eight Times More Migrants Hit Europe in 2016 Muslim Migrants Force Child to Perform ‘Sex Acts in public’ Cops Told to Remove "Rape" from Muslim Attack Reports Muslims in Germany Chant “ We Shall Conquer You” Muslims Charged with Gang Rape European Migration Policies Will Cause Europeans to Flee “F Your Flag” Black Activists Stomp On US Flag Pentagon is ‘Actually Training Islamist Militants’ Syrian Christian girls defend their town ‘Christians Return to Syrian Town’ as Situation Stabilizes “West Will Collapse” Without Christian Revival AmeriGEDDON Yellowstone Eruption In 2016? Large Earthquakes Could Split Japan Approaching 'Financial Armageddon' Earthquake Literally Shook the Entire Planet Possible War Against Russia Professor Calls For “Whiteness” to be “Abolished” Sex attack of 9-year-old in school bathroom 8-yr-old girl kidnapped, raped & murdered 3rd grade girl attacked by 2 muslims School Forces students to ‘Convert’ to Islam Muslims Demanding ‘Respect’ invade School boycott Target over transgender bathroom policy England Bans Own Flag to Avoid Offending Muslims White albinos murdered for witchdoctors White girl attacked by blacks Black man murders black girl Black man murders 10 girls Green Beret Who Beat Up Child Rapist manager accused of trading nuclear secrets Russia is ready for war Russians And Chinese In World War III Obama ‘Unilaterally Disarmed America’ Threat from Russian and Chinese warplanes mounts Future Russian army Russia’s flying doomsday command center US unable to repel massive Russian ICBM attack Rumors of war Russian submarine deployments China tests ICBM capable of striking US in half/ hour Russia’s para-drop air defense complex MiG-31 intercepts US spy plane near Russia NATO Deploys 4000 Troops To Russian Border S-500 Air Defense System Makes Pentagon Nervous anti-sat missile capable of wiping out US nav, com.& intel China Warns America Is The "Greatest Threat To Peace Romania, Poland may now be in Russia's cross-hairs ‘Cannibalization is Routine’ to Support Navy Deployments US Navy Faces $848 Million Ops & Maintenance Shortfall China to send nuclear-armed submarines into Pacific US Air Force Can’t Afford Its Fighter Jets Muslim stabs four women in supermarket ISIS ‘army of orphans’ 90 Mosques ‘under surveillance’ ‘No Muslims on German Soil’ Muslim perverts use women’s bathroom at Airport Muslims demand the University of Berlin turn into a mosque EU giving transport for muslim invasion of Europe Sweden Stunned At "Unreal" Surge In Refugee Sex Attacks Court Orders Dad To Start Treating His 11-yr-old girl As A Boy Obama Will Push ‘Gender Identity,’ Rules on all K-12 Schools School to Let boys in Girls Locker Room Girl raped by 16 to make porn in high school bathroom Girls told overcome ‘discomfort’ of seeing ‘penises’ in showers Man found in Womans In Bathroom Russia to Renew Production of Mi-14 China Orders US to End Surveillance Missions Don’t start a fire in Asia, China warns Obama NWO Calls To Overthrow “Dying White Majority” “Dying White Majority” is Overthrown Pope Says Muslims Must Breed With whites Blond-haired women forced to dye their hair All of the white children to be destroyed Baltimore Blames ‘White People’  described white people as 'devils' Black man refused to tip White waitress  National security agencies are too white The Days of Noah are Almost Upon Us Illegal immigrant border crossings surge Deportations Plummet Schools must allow men in girls bathrooms China to join US-led naval exercise China Tests New Multiple-Warhead Missile Sexually abused girl given help to end her life Out of the Shadows comes the witches Bill Clinton flew on sex offender's jet Sheikhs Gave Bill & Hillary $100 Million Hillary Approved Sending Sarin Gas to Syria 'Wiped Out': U.S. Air Force Tensions Between US/NATO & Russia Are Flaring War With Russia, We’re in for a Rude Awakening The United States Will Most Certainly Be Destroyed General Says All-Out War ‘Plausible’ Within a Year US destroyer gets dangerously close to Russian ship Gov. destroying family: women to register for the draft The list of dirty whore traitors:  Kremlin warns Washington against striking Assad Pentagon slams Russia for striking US-backed terrorists NATO To Strengthen Black Sea Despite Russia Warning Why Russia Is Moving to a War Footing Baltics on war footing as NATO tries to deter Russia NATO to strengthen support to Ukraine Russia assails NATO's move to deploy troops Anti-Christian Mobs Are Erupting all over western world Muslims Slaughter One Hundred And Twenty People Muslim Migrants RAPE 5-year-old, and urinate on her! non-Muslim women exist for the muslim men rape Obama was a muslim Media gave gorilla death more air than beheadings U.S. & china-dangerous-confrontation Oxford University replacing famous men with gay and black icons Media Ignores Clinton University Scandal Clinton Insider Reveals Bill’s Secret Key witness dies Right Before Testifying Against Hillary Hillary Ordered Bill to Meet with Loretta Lynch Clinton’s emails prove she’s guilty of insider trading Benghazi Widow to Hillary Teen just released from brain surgery was beaten by TSA agents Labor Secretary Warns Against July 4th ‘Americanism’ Illegals Allowed To Freely Murder In The US Illegal Charged in Oregon Farm Shooting Was Deported 6 Times Parents Will Violate Scripture if Daughters Use Trans-Bathrooms If Shaq Were Transgender, Could He Play in the WNBA? National Park Bathrooms dont Use Biological Sex Excess health problems in lesbians, gays, bisexuals Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem  to leave Presbyterian(PCUSA) Menlo Park Presbyterian Church to leave Presbyterian(PCUSA) Muslim refugee rape epidemic continues Obama flooding rural towns with illegals Black man rapes white women just for fun 16 yr old black male attacks 12 yr old white boy School Teaches White Kids They’re Born Racist Schilling Warns 'White Christians Are Under Attack American Flags Burned, Vandalized, & Stolen. Lebanese Christian women armed Christian Killed in Eastern Uganda by muslims Muslim Burns 9-Year-Old Son for Accepting Christ UK to boost border security to prevent invasion muslim adults Enrolled In High Schools Immigrants With Active TB Sent to Idaho Majority of Illegals Released into Country 22 yr old muslim high school students UN Gaining Control of US Border Muslim invaders ‘Having A Bad Day.’ Rape A Girl Muslim invaders Smash Up Swedish Church Armed Federal Officers Outnumber US Marines Corps Pushes Gender Integration to Marines Only 7 yrs for murder! China Holds Massive Naval Drills To Prepare For war Is Obama Planning War With Russia? US Nuke Strike Exercise, responding to ‘Russia’ Russia preparing for a preemptive nuclear strike on US? Beijing warns 'trespassers' in South China Sea China, Not Silicon Valley, Is Cutting Edge Chinese Nuclear Bomber Flies Over South China Sea China Is Steering the World Toward War How Russia Is Preparing for World War III Growing Threat to U.S. Aircraft Carriers US aircraft carriers are no longer the ultimate deterrent Tech Giants bow to communists in China Israel and the Arab world are now closer than ever Israel gets largest American military aid deal in history Xi Jinping wanted blood in Island showdown Christians In Turkey Need To Leave NOW Doomsday coming Switzerland, land of peace, sees gun sales soar Europe's new Iron Curtain stemmed the tide of migrants Obama vetoes cuts to presidents' expense accounts Another 5-year-old girl sexually assaulted Czech President says “citizens should arm themselves” Rape Spreading, “Weapons Permits Hit Record High” in Germany Police arrest 900 Syrian muslims in Britain for crime including rape EU is at ‘END of existence’ All Lives Matter Comment Gets Honor Student Suspended Police Chief adds 'All Lives Matter' to police car Pope says it's 'terrible' children are taught they can choose gender ‘Breaking the Cross’ Khan's secret ties to Saudis, wants more muslim migrants in U.S. Khan Wrote Extensively in Favor of Sharia Real Booklet Hillary’s Man Was Carrying Islamic State destroying of Iraq monastery Ritualistic Prayers Before Brutal Rapes, Torture ISIS Executes, Crucifies Syrian Man ISIS Desecrates Christian Gravesites in Iraq Immigrant muslim stabs priest Russia puts BLACK LIVES MATTER on terrorist list Hillary Is “THE DEVIL” Rio Olympics To Infect Entire Planet With Zika Texas Teacher Sexual Misconduct Cases Increase Female Genital Mutilation in U.S. Up 200 Percent Blk punk attacks white man, no arrest made 13-year-old arrested for burping in class Girl 'gang raped under desk as teacher did nothing Student raped, murdered math teacher Satanists push clubs for elementary schools Men Can't Be Moms! 'Woman of the Year' Has a Penis French are turning on their leaders America’s Latest Failed Supercarrier 98 million Americans given polio vaccine with cancer Dating Naked, rated as appropriate for children? illegal immigrant wielding a chainsaw Facebook is ran by evil Hungary Breaks Ranks with NATO Nine Muslims Sexually Assault Swedish Woman  Word 'Christian' Deemed Too 'Offensive' to Print Muslim Barbarians Torture Dying Russian Soldiers Top commander warns Russia Tempers Flare As Obama Arrives In China SpaceX rocket attacked THE CLINTON DEATH LIST? U.S. Air Force warns it is 700 fighter pilots short U.S. Air Force faces fighter aircraft shortage too Another LCS breaks down A-10 Boneyard Plan Modern Israel Presses US for more Military Aid Crashes up because the airplanes are getting older German Christians forced to hide their Holy Bibles Growing Threat Of Jihadi children British Army Falls to Lowest Numbers in 200 Years Truth is anti muslim & hate? 22 states fight obama’s pervert shower order Queeries: Is it now rude to call someone sir or ma'am Europe close to its 'limits' on refugee invasion they'll have to lower the standards again first female Marine fails infantry officer course Obama murders Christian girl and blesses anti Christ muslims: Obama’s white house threatens to arrest parents if they pay ransom  to save their Christian daughter from isis. Obama pays 1.3 billion to anti Christ muslim iran for ransom. Obama’s ransom a felony. Obama say election cant be rigged Obama sets up team to stop Russia from rigging election Computer hackers prove Trumps right on election rigging Obama’s presidential firsts  Emails show link between State Department & Clinton Foundation Murdered dnc staffer was wikileaks source, not Russia will smith say cleanse America of trump supporters isis video shows NATO special forces training terrorists turkey-sending-floods-of-jihadis-to-Syria to kill kurds Two-Belgian police officers attacked by muslim muslim husband cuts off wife’s hands muslim-imam rapes 10 yr old boy muslim-cleric sexually assaults 7 yr old girl muslim-landlord attacks Christian women muslim stabs-British-woman muslim-men-bringing harem & gets welfare muslims sue  because free-school-unsatisfactory black-lives-matter-target-whites-for-beat-down How’s That “Integration” Coming? Swedish-government-cover-up muslim gang-rape muslims-attack-2-Christian girls-&-hack-them-to-pieces muslims-murder-at-least-13-Christians Oklahoma-muslim-who-beheaded-co-worker Islamic turkey-bans-orthodox-Christian obama-and-hillary-founded-isis queer-muslims-kidnap-man-rape-him Planet closer to World War III than at any time How Russia and China Could Strike the US Israel gives china our patriot ADA tech State Dept. Threatens Terror Attacks in Russia China Is Building a New Long-Range Bomber China: U.S., South Korea will 'pay the price' Russia warns US not to intervene Russian Tu-160M2 Strategic Bomber Upgraded PLA Hones Real Combat Ability for Stronger Military aggression by US against Damascus China ‘to provide aid, & military training’ in Syria Washington has Just Declared War on Russia U.S. killing more civilians in Iraq, & Syria US talk of ‘attacks in Russia, body bags, downing jets’ Pakistan threatens to DESTROY India with nukes Indian military sounds high alert on all airbases Muslim Sodomizes Four-Year-Old Boy In Bathroom Muslims Ambush Christians And Massacre Them Hillary Works With Terrorists To Kill Christians & make U.S. Islamic Muslims Storms Homes Of Christians & Severely Beats Them Mexican Drug Cartel Kidnaps Christian Pastors, & Slaughters Them Muslim stabs multiple people in London- no arrest made ISIS hanging 'US spies' from meat hooks & butcher them ISIS Smuggling In Terrorists Among Refugees Sharia in the Twin Cities? Muslim faces murder charges for pushing Christians overboard Muslim threatens to blow up elementary school in Utah Muslim 'refugees' threaten Minnesota community with rape Gang violence in Long Island town fuels immigration debate Obama’s amnesty recipient kills 12 year old girl Muslims Playing ‘Taharrush’ Sexual Assault ‘Game’ in Public Muslim stabs nine at a Minnesota shopping mall Special forces 'forced to run away' from US-backed Syrian rebels CIA Director Brennan Admits being a communist How Is the Godless West Working Out? ISIS' Commander Trained by US Special Forces US Threatens to Arm Al Qaeda, & ISIS Jimmy Savile groping teenage girl Woman had public sex with a model dinosaur International Investigation Into US Moon Landings 500 Year Old Map Was Discovered Mystery heart found in Ziploc bag in field Bizarre Blood-Drinking Ritual Israeli Warplane and Drone Shot Down by Syria Truth Buried Under NATO Propaganda WHO ARE SYRIA’S WHITE HELMETS (terrorist)? Muslims Cut small Children’s Heads Off With Axes Turkey is for isis China to DESTROY Christianity Countries Destroyed by Hillary School Lessons Demonise Christians 'Lone Wolf' Terrorist Narrative Falls Apart Tens of thousands” of fraudulent Clinton votes found Muslims burn cars in Dresden  “WE’RE TEETERING ON THE BRINK OF WAR” Putin renovates Cold War MISSILE BUNKERS WAR READY: US upgrades deadly rocket system Nato jets from 4 COUNTRIES intercept Russian planes Clinton Desperate, Russia Trains for WWIII Russia to US ‘if you want a war you will get one US nuclear war fears see American/Russia tension rises Could WIPE OUT all of America's east coast in 1 swipe' General Warns of Nuclear War With Russia Turkey reportedly amasses tanks, troops near border NATO, Russia to hold parallel drills in the Balkans Russia Gears Up For War in Syria 'We Might All Be Dead Soon' Nuclear War Is On The Horizon US behaviour could have 'nuclear' implications Russian state television is back on a war footing Gorbachev warns world is at 'dangerous point' Globalists Push for War, Russia Unveils Defensive Nuke China unveils advanced J-20 stealth China prepares for ‘sudden, cruel & short’ modern war Germany to send modern tanks to Russian border Leaked Document Shows 800 Israeli Commandos Support ISIS We are losing control of the streets' Merkel War in Syria would end if US stopped supporting terrorists “State Sponsors” of ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey Toyota Confirms KSA, Qatar, UAE & Jordan Supplied ISIS Musilm who raped 10yr boy at Austrian swimming pool is freed A nation 'WRECKED' by immigration Muslim’s quite take over of your country Muslims trash Paris Muslim leader at Chicago: “Islam is here to dominate” Hillary's Muslims Vow To Make Raping White Women Legal 800+ Christians killed, 800+ injured, by Muslims Obama Team Kept List of Muslims For Top Jobs Clinton Knew She Was Helping Islamists Into Power In Libya 60 civilians killed, 200 injured as US-led coalition strike Christian Missionaries murdered By Drug Cartel In Mexico Hindus Surround Christian Man & Hack Him To Death 100 Agents Threatened to Quit Over Clinton Email CIA Officer Explains Why Hillary's Emails Matter WIKILEAK email showing SECRET memo from ISIS Hillary’s ISIS Email Just Leaked Wikileaks to post Hillary’s 33k “Deleted” Emails Clinton Campaign Admits To Corruption Wikileaks Bombshell The MSM Won't Report! Clinton 2001 pardon of financier Rich Emails: Hillary Ready to Write E/O’s for Her Donors Email shows Donna Brazile leaked debate question 'Clinton email cover-up throwback to Soviet times Blks harass white students trying to pass Election Officials Harass Reporters Muslims Behead Christian Pastor And 15 More Police demand: ‘You Must Stop Worshipping Christ’ Muslims gang rape lady in wheel chair Muslims Declare All Christians Take Mark Of The Beast Clinton Proposing Rigging Palestine Election No Mention of ISIS ‘Genocide’ of Christians She became too Westernized – Dad’s punishment: Rape On The Precipice Of World War III Jihadi Compounds In The U.S. Stockpiling Weapons Turkey Invades Syria, Backed By U.S. Turkey daring Russia to react Erdogan Shifts on Syria After Third Russian Phone Call Turkey Declares War On Christianity Turkey starts subtle game to overthrow Assad's regime Israeli airstrikes in Syria prelude to Damascus attack? We are ready to cooperate with the new U.S. admin. China turns powerful US destroyers into worthless junk Putin's super tank horrifies British military Russia, China & India work on major attack on US $ Russia & Middle East may strike blow on US economy Underage refugee rape & murder of female student Slovakia is the first country to ban Islam Illegal Immigrant Ordered Deported Accused of Rape Inside Germany's No-Go Zones Illegal charged with killing 10-year-old Texas girl school ‘forces’ children to chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ Christian refugees threatened with beheading isis muslim wounds 11 in Ohio State knife & car attack Immigrant boys attack girls as young as NINE Last Tango in Paris Rape Scene Was Not Consensual! PIZZAGATE: and Mysterious Death Pizza Gate Exposed (Code, Symbols, Death of Breitbart) Creepy Podesta's Art Collection #PizzaGate Hillary Clinton's Child Torture Cult Muslim raped and murdered Daughter of top EU official Immigrants kick man’s head and break his neck using iron bar Muslim man KICKED woman in the head for wearing shorts 5-year-old Christian boy cut in half by ISIS Germany Submits to Sharia Law Muslims Slaughter 102 Christians Muslim murderous rampage against Christians ISIS to Crucified Christians 100 THOUSAND Muslims And Africans On US-Mexico Border Race is on! Thousands run for border Warehouse blaze killed up to 40 Tennessee Wildfires Italy PM Renzi facing big referendum defeat Obama 'encourages illegals to vote' Trump may be right about winning popular legal vote Thousands run for border NEVADA VOTER FRAUD Record 64.7 million non-English speakers in U.S Real Unemployment 9.5% Trump Money Transfer Block Evidence of ancient Egypt in the Grand Canyon Slovakia Declares ‘Islam Has No Place In Slovakia’, Muslims Slaughter Thirty-Six Christians Migrants Sexually Attack Girls at City Hall Youth Party Human Remains Near Texas Border SPL buried ‘hate crimes’ against white kids Obama fails to check immigrants with FBI databases Somali ‘refugees’ entering US at highest rate ever! planned  cannibalism after cutting off lover's penis White Woman fights off would-be robber Abortion activists found ally in the Satanic Temple Canada to help kids put stuff in their butts Aleppo cancer kids denied food due to EU & US Sitting Ducks? All Active U.S. Carriers Sitting in Port Dems Want War With Russia To Stop Trump Obama threatens «armed conflict» against Russia False Report of Power Grid Hack by Russia White House Fails to Make Case on Russian Hacking Russia Hack Story Collapses Obama Imposes Sanctions on Russia 4 Alleged Hacking Trump, Farage praise Putin for not Retaliating US Sent ISIS $1.5 Billion in Weapons from Ukraine Gunman who shot Russian ambassador is police officer Ambassador's assassination organized by 'NATO Putin Orders Full Combat Alert NGOs to Destabilize Russia' We Are Most Assuredly Headed For Armageddon Did U.S. aid Al-Qaeda for a missile attack on Russia? US to Redeploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons Earthquakes struck the Californian border with Mexico Russian warplanes have launched 71,000 airstrikes CIA Coup Against President Trump US Is Funding Terrorists' in Syria CIA Meddles in US Election Muslim Stabs Christian Woman Because She Was Reading Bible Muslim "Rapefugees" allowed to stay after rape conviction Muslims use 10-year-old girl as human bomb Switzerland: Muslims Attack Christians Going to Church French Mayor Decrying “Replacement” of White People Communist Professor Advocates White Genocide Obama: It’s ‘Inevitable’ America Is Getting ‘Browner’ Obama Administration Doubles Number of non-white Refugees German Girl WARNS Americans: ‘Refugees Will Not Integrate!’ American Islamist Prepare For ‘Nationwide Jihad’ Against U.S. Berlin: Seven Muslim Migrants Set Homeless Man on Fire German crisis a warning to America Black muslim Somalis pouring in to US Black muslim migrants return in greater and greater numbers Syrian Christians Restore Christmas Sen. Graham mad over Russia stopping ISIS raid on Palmyra Erdogan Now Accuses US of Backing ISIS The real threat to black people is black people Black Lives Matter is leading to more black deaths Pit Bull Attacks Owners Homo’s mocking the Christian faith LGBT Exposed Media Unleashes a Torrent of Fake News Mexican Immigrants pillage $2.4 billion Christians 'Defenseless' 'Under Yoke of Genocide ISIS Lone Wolf Suspect Arrested in Arizona Russia Accuses Obama of 'Putting a Mine' Man found beheaded behind N.M. Walmart ISIS praise murderer who killed 12 people Europeans being exterminated from Europe Greece: Muslims set fire to church UK: Muslims in London demanding caliphate WikiLeaks Details Erdogan’s Business Ties to ISIS Egypt: ISIS bombs Church killing 25 CHAOS IN GERMANY: Migrant sex attacks Muslim gang stab young local to death HuffPost blaming female victims for being raped British sex slave held captive and raped nightly Tech billionaires fear nuclear war Russia fully prepared for possible nuclear attack Why The Rich Are Moving To Southern Hemisphere? Doomsday Prediction Sends Shockwaves China could overtake US air superiority Germany Provokes Russia To War Germany, US Deploy Tanks, Troops To Europe Congresswoman: There Are No Moderate Rebels Congresswoman Who Says U.S. Funds ISIS ‘It All Looks as If the World Is Preparing for War’ Kiev gathers troops near Crimea China deploys ICBMs near Russia:warning for USA No Evidence Russia Was Behind Cybercrimes Audit the Fed Re-Introduced Obama Sends Troops Near Russian Border Muslim migrants throw firecracker at baby School Children Taught Muslim Prayer Muslims set fire to Germany’s oldest church Muslim Gangs Are Kidnapping Christian Children, Muslim Becomes Christian, made to Eat Poison The Face Of Treason: French Farmer Arrested Trump Hopes Russia, US Can “Knock the Hell Out of ISIS Together” Anti-Trump Protester Displays ISIS Flag, Beheading Video beat up on school bus for wearing 'Make American Great Again' hat Satanic Human Sacrifices That Are Happening In The United States Group Behind Berkeley Riot Received $50k from George Soros George Soros Backed Inauguration Weekend Mayhem  Rise In Muslims Terrorizing Christians And Attacking Churches  Scientists mathematically PROVE the existence of God  Rothschilds: 8 times richer than the richest 8  Muslim Terrorists Kidnap Elderly Woman  Attacked By Muslim Gang  More Fake Hate Crimes Exposed  Folly of Mass Immigration  Europe Will Soon Be Muslim Because of Our Stupidity Muslims gang rape another woman A Hate to Kill and Die for Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Women Communist Goals Complete: The Truth About Popular Culture Imagine the outrage if this were obama Magazine Shows Trump In Crosshairs Blk man rapes & murders white girl You send your kids to college for this? Are these the people you want here? Illegal’s Phone… Child Pornography The Real 'Refugees' Muslims Kidnap, rape & murder 12-Year-Old Girl Atheist asks Girl to Accept Homosexual Marriage Muslims make violent threats to get their way Muslims freed after Burning 150 Christian Homes Fake-news Partner with the CIA Soros Fund Execs Funded Ryan, Rubio, Bush, McCain   ,Kasich, & Lindsey Graham Soros-Financed Groups for Anti-Trump Town Halls McCain, Graham Push For War With Russia 4 dead Russian Diplomats in 3 months CIA controlled media & Hollywood for decades Terrifying Armageddon Lies Ahead China warns U.S. against fresh naval patrols flaw in U.S. homeland missile defense system Chinese “Making Preparations” For War With U.S. Britain Is Sending Warships to the Black Sea Russia's air forces to prepare 'for a time of war' America Should Fear Russia's Bombers China Just Made ALL Stealth Fighters Obsolete War Between Japan & China Could Be WW III US Flexes Its Military Muscle Off China Army Brigades, Navy Planes Aren't Combat Ready Chinese weapons ‘near-parity’ with West US Nuclear Subs, Stealth Fighters To Korea U.S. Navy kicks off military drills on Russia's doorstep China Positions to Start WW3 China may be preparing for a preemptive missile strike on US new Chinese tank revealed Increased Chinese, Russian Military Activity ‘Media Coverage of Syria Biggest Lie of Our Time’ Immigrants in Europe pushing for white genocide Germany Launches 24 Raids, Shuts Down ISIS-Linked Mosque authorities are covering up a migrant crime wave Media Won’t Identify Murderer who Raped Woman as ‘Illegal’ 50 Million Muslims Support Violent Jihad girl, 10, is 'bitten to death' with medieval torture device by ISIS Muslim Migrant Anally Rapes Teenager Germany: Pakistani Man Sexually Assaults 6-Year-Old Girl Trump Washes His Hands of Bathroom Order Trump Calls for Huge ‘Merit Based’ Immigration Mexico’s Immigration Law France On The Verge Of Civil War France: Anti-Christian Attacks Rise 245% Refugee ‘beheaded woman in RITUAL killing Swedish City Could be ‘rape capital of the world Trump Right About Swedish Rape Epidemic isis Rapes girl And Force Her Children To Watch Muslims savagely rape Italian  man Muslims execute Christian family isis says Slaughter An Infidel & Cook Him For Food’ Millions Of Christians Face Certain Death by muslims Egyptian Christians Are Fleeing For Their Lives isis man Butchered Over 500 People & Raped 200 Muslims Attack A Christian Man And His Son Hellacious Sweden, ‘Where Females Fear to Tread’ Jesus statue’s head returned Muslims Born in U.S. Will Be ‘Army of Conquest’ ‘half-naked girl, 15, killed in suspected satanic ritual LGBT Activist Admits To Targeting Children 3 - 7 Sub fleet, combat patrols reach Soviet-era levels ‘Marble’ tool could mask CIA hacks with Russian I.D. Moscow, Beijing To Bypass US Dollar Korean war Ready to blow! Commies in the U.S. push Russian to start nuke war! Obama Spied, Media Lied Conspiracy to spy on Trump exposed by NJ judge Trump Victim of Obama’s Deep State Conspiracy More Reports Show Obama Administration Spied on Trump David's Sling, With Range Three Times Greater “Conspiracy Fact”: The CIA, Afghanistan’s Poppy Fields Foreign Tanks Now Match the M1 Abrams Russia adds to its nuclear attack submarine fleet China’s Defense systems for sale China to Expand Marine Force by 400% F-18 and the F-35 Russia Has Created A Devastating Zircon Missile Five ‘muslim Arab migrants’ gang-rape little girl, 7 EUCOM Commander Calls For Larger Armored Force Pentagon Insists More Troops Needed Pakistan Forces Christians to Convert to Islam New Scientific Discovery to Support Creation “MIT” Physicists “discovery could offer partial proof of God” Flash From Faraway Galaxy Leaves Astronomers Puzzled Drudge Warns Trump Surrounded by Traitors Dobson names 'villains' in plot to destroy American families Jewish Man Arrested For Spray-Painting Swastikas On Home Live rape viewed by at least 40 people. None called 911 Police told woman to stop calling 911 before she was murdered Deputies arrest woman's fiancé that came to her rescue Greece Begins Blocking Refugees Foreign rapists should NOT be deported???? 9 in 10 Gang Rapists In Sweden Have Foreign Origins France: Women sleep in diapers to avoid rape LePen Far Ahead Of Rivals In Secret Polling Swedish Feminists Flee Suburbs Due to Islam Swedish Police Investigate Another Gang Rape Swexit! Sweden to be next to leave the EU Hungary Refuses to Take 5000 Migrants from Sweden 22 yr old Muslim to be tried as juvinile Londonistan: 423 New Mosques; 500 Closed Churches Mosques Spying for Turkish Intelligence in Germany Murder rate for whites 20 times international average Voter Registration Forms in Refugee Welcome Baskets Most islamic nations suck Archbishop ‘Christians Must Stand Together Against Islam Fag rapes baby & films it for boyfriend Muslim murders Christian Muslim Man In Indiana attacks women Muslims Slaughter Two Hundred Christians Muslim Men Use Stolen Tools to Terrorise Locals Blk man & white woman arrested making dog porn Baby rapist had been deported 4 times before! Blks arrested in string of sex assaults Illegal Aliens Charged in Murder of Teenager 100+ Sex Offenders Caught in Single Border Sector North Korea Pushes Imminent War Putin sends troops to Russia's border with North Korea Russian bombers fly by Alaska FOURTH night in a row Syria crisis: Russia raises prospect of war China Puts Bombers On High Alert South Korea on heightened alert Troops mass in Pyongyang US warship approaches North Korea Russia’s tough warning to the US Covertv nuclear missile strike against Russia Russia’s Military Buildup in Arctic China huge missile advantage over US Turkey threatens further strikes on US-allie China Warns: North Korea “At A Critical Point” Putin Warns: North Korea Has “Seriously Deteriorated” What good is a nuke if we destroy our missiles? What Should You Do in Case of Nuclear Attack? nuclear-powered submarine off the Korean Peninsula China's Secret Weapon in South Korea Missile Fight: US government will 'simulate nuke blast over New York False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack Pushes WWlll Human Trafficker Confesses Murdering 400-500 Little Girls 104 Men Arrested in Child Sex Sting Legalizing rape- (Why doesnt anyone care?) Court says its legal for muslims to rape you in the pooper! Kidnapped woman found trapped in backyard pit campers receive disturbing rape threats Arrests in sexual assault scandal at Texas high school Suspect in sex assault of 9-year-old had been deported to Mexico body parts of missing teen found in Michigan No one is talking about the culture Madeleine McCann may have been snatched by traffickers He pays his own salery, then who pays for everything else? US dismantles last big Cold War nuclear bomb If nuclear war breaks out, which U.S. cities would be targeted first? Marine Le Pen Closes In On Macron Merkel Threatens UK Over Brexit 60 Black teenagers involved in massive brawl FBI admits Russia didnt do it FBI obtained warrant to monitor Trump adviser US to honour 'dumb' Australia migrant deal Inside the Iraqi Christian ghost town ISIS launches chlorine gas attacks Christianity's prospects of surviving in its birthplace Christian persecution: How many are being killed Mid- Eastern Christians forced to become nomads Christians most persecuted group in the world Christian church bombings carried out by ISIS Modern Israeli War Planes Bomb Syria again WW III Is Here- Syria’s Reichstag Moment- Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels Syria 'did not and will not' use chemical weapons US strikes 'one step away' from clashing with Russia R. Paul Says Syrian Chemical Attack ‘Makes No Sense U.S. Has 'No Defense' for Russian Missiles World War III nightmare scenario brewing We Would Use Nukes if US or NATO Enters Crimea Russian Lt. Gen.: US Wants to Nuke Russia Regime Change In Syria Will Slaughter the Christians Isis commander joins U.S. supported Syrian terrorists Gas used in Syria by terrorists North Korean Crisis Could Soon Blow Up Nuclear bombers over North Korea/US prepares for WW3 North Korea satellites 'IN PLACE for EMP attack on US' S. Korea conducts drill with US supersonic B-1B bomber North Korea Fires Another One N. Korea confirms prep. for War with US Is complete U.S. destroys more ICBM missiles every quarter! China demands halt to US missile shield E.A.S, Activates, Nuclear Warnings sent to Some TVs Takeover – America This is Your Wake Up Call “All White People Leave Campus Or Else” Exposing A Child Porn Site Developer CIA Want To Kill Me For exposing ISIS As Their Creation 500 isis takes over town of 220,000!!! Germany: Wave of Muslim Honor Killings Abortionists Admit to Tearing Babies Limb from Limb Intel Agencies Behind Leaks to Oust Trump Plot to Overthrow Trump Risks “Civil War” in America Media Is Running ‘Permanent Obstruction Campaign’ Sununu Confronts CNN on Coverage of Trump-Russia Pro-Bernie Seth Rich Was DNC Leaker Investigator Says Evidence Showing Rich Emailing WikiLeaks Obama tried to hack the election Comey Admits He Lied To Congress Major FBI Scandals on Comey's Watch 70yo Prosecuted For Complaining About Migrants pooping In Str America's Islam trance ‘Soon, The White Devils Will Be Exterminated’ The last days of a white world Refugee butchers a mom in front of her children for being Christian Muslims make teens Into hot dogs & fed to parents Migrants Responsible For 90% of Shootings 3 Out of Four ‘Child Refugees’ Are Actually Adults Manchester Attack: What They’re NOT Telling You Taxpayers Financed Manchester Terror Attack Doc Quits After Urging Minorities To Rape whites Illegal Alien Raped 9-Year-Old Girl Illegal Alien Raped 14-Year-Old Girl Illegal Alien Filmed Himself Molesting 6 yr old Man killed defending girlfriend from gang of rapists Rape and murder of Maties student Authorities hiding the truth of child rapes Illegal Alien Sex-Traffickers Germany Confiscating Homes To Use For Migrants Refuge Christians forced to take test to come in Graham Calls Persecution of Christians ‘Genocide’ Muslims Slaughter Christians on Pilgrimmage ICE Deports Indonesian Christian Poff. says Blacks may need to 'kill white people Federal Agents on the take Fabio: ‘Don’t Ever Give Up Your Guns’ America’s widening role in Syrian war US ready to defend terrorists in Syria IDF destroys cannon belonging to Syria IDF strikes Syrian army post Another Step Toward Devastating War US-led coalition strikes pro-Assad forces in Syria Why Are We Attacking the Syrians Fighting ISIS? Deception Inside Deception: Alleged Sarin Gas Attack Washington Has Been At War For 16 Years: Why? Russia scrambles jet fighter to intercept U.S. bomber U.S. moves rocket launchers into southern Syria India, Pakistan join China and Russia-led security bloc B-2 Spirit Stealth Bombers arrive in UK Turkish president vows to fight US arrest WH warning that Assad preparing chemical attack Possible Use of Sarin in Syria to Arrival of US Carrier US may be on the verge of striking Syria 193 civilians killed in new attack on ISis in Raqa BUCHANAN: Are We Nearing Civil War? China Builds Surface-to-Air Missile Sites US Vows to Continue China Patrols Horror as 250 Christian kids 'kneaded in a dough mixer' New York Times Has Never Been Anything Except A Propagandist 4 Things Globalists Think You’re Too Stupid To Understand Blk men rape white women to “teach her a lesson” about blk men Trump Doesn't Recognize LGBT Pride Month NYT Condemns Trump, But Sponsored ‘Assassination’ Play A.P. Admits It Published Fake News About President Trump Trump Cuts White House Budget Russia Special Counsel Team Donated to Dems Modern Pastors failing: Teenage Spiritual Crisis Infant Sentenced To Death By European Human Rights Court US Naval Operations Chief: 'Our Advantage is Shrinking' Israeli Defense Minister Warns Syria, Lebanon: Don't Test Us Wag the WMD Woman, 28, is 'raped nine times by refugees Will anyone rescue European women? Muslim attacks cop at Michigan airport Teacher Knifed, Beaten By Three muslim Women Southern Baptists denounce the 'Alt-Right' Seven-year-old Katie Rough's killer, 16 woman called the police about her stalker 125 times 8 more areas in Sweden added to 'no-go zones’ Warsaw, Budapest and Prague fight EU migration  EU “Openly Siding With Terrorists” 2,500+ Migrants to Europe In 2 Days So you want to be pagan? Rise of paganry 150,000+ Genitally Mutilated Women in Sweden Refugees Arrested for Molesting Underage Girls Jihadi Cult Associate Arrested in NY Swedish Music Festival and more Sex Assaults Military-Industrial Complex Forming Trump's Syrian Policy Nuclear lab shutdown endangers US arsenal Russia in Standoff with U.S. Over Syria Deep State in Control of State Department : WWIII Is Going to Start Soon China must defeat ‘all enemies China’s military marches where Genghis Khan rode China’s military is stronger than ever China Reveals Terrifying Military Weapons China vows to step up air, sea patrols What’s driving Chinese military modernisation Show of force declares China’s battle readiness Chinese fighter jets buzz US Navy recon plane China readies its border with North Korea Chinese spy ship near US-Australian war games B-1B bombers over Korean Peninsula Trump Saw A Disturbing Video, Then Shut Down CIA ‘CIA Armed Syria’s Insurgents & It Paid Their Salaries’ Trump stops Obama Operation To Fund Radical Islam U.S. ‘poised to launch military strike’ Putin shows off Russia’s naval might NATO jets intercept Russian military planes START Lanced the B-1's Nukes Chinese Warships Conduct Drills in Mediterranean human-trafficking bust part of larger sex-slavery gang UN Document Plans People Replacement War Against West Plot to Replace Europeans with Refugees Exposed Eyewitness To Mass Extermination Of Christians ‘Everything Will Collapse’: German Courts ‘Overwhelmed’ Spanish Border Under Siege as Hordes of African Migrants invade Only 1% of Migrants Arriving in Italy Are “Syrian” Migrants Turn German Festival Into Rape Fest German City With The Most Immigrants Also Has The Most Crime Illegal Migrant Invasion Run By Pedophile Globalists ‘Sanctuary’ Releases Felony Illegal — Who Then Rapes supermarket attacker ‘was known Islamist’ London Bridge terrorist worked as a teacher U.S. diplomat must pay $3M to woman kept as sex slave Online orders for child sex dolls help British police Egyptian Kings and Queens Were Not Africans Left Re-Writes History To Destroy Western Civ fliers threaten 'genocide of the white race' Congress digging into DNC-Ukraine connection Senate defies Trump on call to investigate Hillary Migrant held on murder charge ‘security risks’ in government's immigrant  program Muslim council orders 'revenge rape' of girl What the crap! It took 20 min to respond? CPS Losing Tens of Thousands of Children Per Year? San Fran covers up true race crimes Min. Adopts 'Transgender Toolkit' for Teachers State dept. covering up Christian genocide Illegal allegedly raped young girl Sperm counts of Western men plummeting 3 arrested in murder of white  Alabama mom, 23 Police Report for Koran Rashad Lewis Powerful vessel capable of sinking US aircraft carriers China Warns Trump: “We Will Back North Korea Pyongyang Threatens US With 'Greatest Pain' World War 3 fears China says trade threat over N. Korea ‘unacceptable’ Specter of Chinese electronic warfare China sees new world order Russia aims to under cut U.S. dollar Syrian War Comes to an End-Christians survive Syria’s Victory Against ISIS, then Israel attacks Anti-Christ Israeli armed forces advance into Syria World is at its most dangerous point in a generation N.K. nuke crisis: Putin warns of planetary catastrophe ‘Full-scale WAR’ Putin declares N. Korea  warns of 'absolute force' Nuclear submarines rushed to North Korea Americans "Laughing All The Way To Armageddon" Syrian Army Defeats ISIS, US Rescues Remaining ISIS U.S. Coalition warplanes bomb Syrian army convoy Israel & Syria fight for Russian 'Terminator' Mass Graves May Hold Victims of US-Led Airstrikes Britain Tells Citizens To Go To Bunkers “the 1% Are Bugging Out”-Something Evil This Way Comes Deplorable White People British Red Cross ‘Too White” ‘Final Warning’ To ‘White People’ White Christian Americans are an Endangered Species FBI Director comey let Clinton off the hook The Virginia Riots—Staged? Evidence Backs Trump Vote-Fraud Claim Merkel Traitor to the People Women Have Been Tricked Into Living Like Men Lion saves Christians as they are being attacked by muslims Muslims invade! Happened In Europe Now It’s Happening Here Medical Massacre Of Millions Rapist who brutally attacked 12-yr-old girl still free! Police Chief: Terrorists Should be Allowed in Schools Migrint murders 3 with a hammer Commies commit  violence against Trump supporters Blacks looting Florida after storm Commies claim white values are KKK & Nazi’s Illegal immigration costs $296 billion Savage’s greatest speech on immigration Immagrint Italian police rape American girls Denmark Suspends Refugee Resettlement 20 States Ask Supreme Court to Release PP vids Christian child forced by state to be muslim Christians Hacked to Death by muslim Jihadists Park Service: Threats to Mount Rushmore Soros-Funded UK Far Left Group Black man rapes & murders Black man tries to rape 87-Year-Old Woman Ground deformed at Yellowstone supervolcano New York City is overdue for a major earthquake 8.1+ Earthquake hits Mexeco African men invade Spain & Gov. does nothing Russia prepares nuclear surprise for NATO Modern Israel going to war with Syria U.S. Flies Bombers North Of DMZ California-is-already-preparing-for-a-nuclear-attack N.K predicted to carry out provocation on October 10 Pentagon continues to ship weapons to Syria NAVY RELEASES McCAIN’s RECORDS Supercarrier task force is headed toward Hong Kong Iran sends tanks to border 40,000 troops in Russian war games Catalonia independence vote Double standard:EU denouncement of Catalan vote Risks of getting tattoos and body piercings “get rid of all the whites in the United States” Migrant Rape Attacks Up 91% Rap Video Depicts White Child Being Hanged Young Girls ‘Forced’ To Wear Hijab Illegal Alien Stole Identities to Collect $800K $135 billion a year for illegal immigration 'crazed' dog that attacked tourist Fire Could Not Have Collapsed WTC: Scientists for 9/11 Truth Russian priest says Hugh Hefner is burning in hell Man-arrested-threatening-to-kill-all-white-people Muslims to be majority in Europe within two generations Cannibalism Part Of SA Culture - White Flesh Double $$ Of Black Grooming gangs who target white girls ISIS Genocide: Parents Shown Video Daughters Raped, Tortured Million Christians to Pray on Poland’s Border Muslim asylum seeker  murders woman Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up Muslims raping small white girls  Every legal immigrant sponsors six more Blk Muslim murders white Christians at Church President trump-cuts-obamas-refugee-policy Quiet Islamic Conquest of Spain Antifa VS The United States November Fourth Antifa/Isis Vegas shooting:  59 dead in massacre CBS VP say vagas victums didnt deserve sympathy What They’re NOT Telling About Vegas Massacre Vegas Shooter Found with Antifa Literature ISIS Claims Responsibility For vagas Mass Shooting Edmonton Canada terror attack ISLAMOFASCIST STABS WOMEN IN FRANCE immigration and Islam is ‘burying British culture’ African Migrants Terrorize Canada, France Mega Outbreak Of Anal Cancer Ravages The LGBT Kinky sex has its day at San Fran U.S., has 110 Million people w/ S.T.D. Infections Fed Res is setting America up for economic disaster The Golden Yuan Is Coming   Pence To Military On North Korea: ‘Be Ready’ Putin Takes Part in Russian Military Drills Rare Show of Force U.S. navy puts 3 Carriers in pacific US aircraft heading for N.K. amid fears WW3 to start US nuclear submarine rushed to North Korea North Korea: secret Moscow meeting:fears WW3 N.K. conducts mass-evacuation drills as war aproaches  nuclear missile attack by North Korea is accelerating Century after revolution, Russians crave return of tsar Israel’s sea-based nuclear deterrent China speeds ahead of U.S. in quantum race Nuclear Weapons and Their Effects Democrat arrested for Child Porn that included Infants Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes Navy SEALs Investigated murder of Green Beret Missing Engine Parts Caused F-16 Crash Trump Calls For Prosecution Of Democrats Lack of investigation into the Clinton’s Trump frustrated by intelligence community's JFK secrecy JFK Assassination Files That May Change Everything JFK Files: CIA Planned Deadly Attack In Miami Trump Confirms “All JFK Files Are Released” After Latest Clash The Assassination Records Review Board Report JFK files: Soviets feared ‘irresponsible US generals’ KGB Thought LBJ Could Have Been Behind JFK Assassination Cruz’s Father’s Role In JFK Controversy Is Confirmed CIA “Watchdog” Hasn’t Even Read Torture Report Breaking: President Kennedy Assassinated From Front How you can view the JFK assassination documents George Washington’s own church is removing his plaque Court Clears Path For Illegal To Get Taxpayer-Funded Abortion B.S. news: Does he really look like a Virginian? Bastards still aren’t looking for the assailant! NYPD officers charged in on duty rape of 18 yr old Beautiful girl 22, 'killed after suicidal boy jumped Gov. Defends Website Teaching 7-Yr-Olds Oral Sex Pervs: Need to Teach Sex Education in Kindergarten Public School Teachers Take Kids to Sex Shop Disney Channel goes Queer Scout leader groomed girl, 15, and had sex with her Not suspicious WTF...? If white people only cared as much as the hippos Pakistani Christian attacked by Muslim men 1.5 m (4.9 feet) of hail within 15 minutes Vegas shooting there were “active shooters on runway” Helo extract just minutes after the Vagas massacre Catastrophic Collapse Of Pacific Ocean Food Chain SABOTEURS Aim To Drive Christianity Into Catacombs Chineese Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarines to Pacific Russia Rolls Out New Tu-160M2 Russian jet buzzes US Navy spy plane over Black Sea US Orders ‘Largest-Ever’ Military Drill US fighters intercept Russian bombers near North Korea Russian diplomat warns of apocalyptic outcome Potential for war with North Korea increases ‘every day’ Syria Says It Will Rain Scud Missiles On Israel Israel 'targets Syrian military base' Syrian army intercepts Israeli missiles near Damascus War crimes probe a sham and cover-up for US New type of ICBM capable of reaching entire US Turks could disable US radar over F-35 Lebanese Army at ‘full readiness’ to counter Israel Syria urges UN to condemn Israeli attack on factory Russia's A-100 Radar plus aircraft China testing its multi-nuke hypersonic missile Canada Orders Military to Re-open/Stock BUNKERS Hawaii activates nuke warning first time since Cold War Pentagon evaluating U.S. Coast missile defense sites F-22's and F-35's sent to South Korea Something a bit odd: Is NASA faking the ISS? Theory claims that Apollo moon landing was 'faked Pres. Trump to Pull U.S. From U.N. Migration Compact Germans Slam Merkel For ‘Political Inaction’ on islamic invasion  Flynn Charged With Lying To FBI Kate Steinle ‘Would Still Be Alive if We Had a Wall’ Kate Steinle’s Last Words As She Died Were “Help Me, Dad” Mexican convicted of kidnapping and sexually abusing 2 women Police arrest Islamist militant linked to murder Pres. Trump Asks why ‘nothing happened’ to ‘Crooked Hillary’ Romanov murder twist: Investigators consider 'ritual killing' theory Orthodox Christians join procession commemorating royal Pres. Trump Is Donating His ENTIRE Presidential Salary ‘Western Christianity in denial about radical Islam’ ‘White Women’s Sons’ Must Be ‘Sacrificed” Anti-White Racism on the Rise in America ‘underage’ migrants turn out to be adults Crimes reach record high in Sweden Crime-Surge Sweden Mulls Hand Grenade Amnesty Muslim population in Europe could TRIPLE Tampa 'serial killer' is arrested Refugees have come to stay forever & not to work Refugee raped women at gunpoint in Utah Sanctuary City Rapist Arrested Re-Entering U.S. Trump Should Hire A Special Prosecutor Postal Service Refuses to go to Migrant ‘No Go Zone’ Illegal Aliens Killed Border Patrol Agent Feds Spend Over $13M on Grants For non-whites BLM boycott 'white capitalism' for 'Black Christmas' Organ Harvesting And Mutilation Of Libyan Slaves NFL scramble as fans stay home Marine General says theres a war coming ‘US Mainland in Our Nuclear Strike Range’ Jong-Un to U.S.: Nuclear Button Always On My Desk Un orders up larger missile with re-entry ability CIA Told Me It’s War With North Korea Within 12 Weeks Russia to Scale Down Military Spending Pres. Putin sends Christmas letter to Pres. Trump China threatens to invade Taiwan Russian Su-35 chased away rogue US F-22 jet? More powerful than S-500 Dozens of civilians, incl women & children, killed Pentagon Loses Track Of 44,000 Soldiers U.S. Weapons Found in Islamic State Arsenals in Syria US helicopters evacuate ISIL leaders from Syria 8 Places Around The World Actively Prep For Nuke War Blks claim they were the Romans, Egyptians & now the Greeks 50% Of Germans Wants Merkel To Step Down High schools football team's locker room "Rape Squad" Red cross demand Cross to be removed Islamization of Britain in 2017 Russia & China get ready to take over world leadership Green Beret Training Standards Lower than Army ROTC in the 80’s 100 Men and Women Test Today…and 100 Wear the Green Beret Standards lowered to produce first female Green Beret PC Monster lowering the Green Berets standards Patriots in FBI set to expose Mueller & Comey Orban tells EU listen to the people & stop immagration EU treatens Hungary & Poland Austrian Government to Resist Islamization Hungary’s Christmas message: We’ll protect Christian Culture! Hungary: We Will Make Our Country Family Friendly FBI in plot to commit treason Evidence of C.I.A. role in forging Obama’s birth certificate  Breaking: The Russian-Gate Investigation Is Over! Trump stops unlimited accounts for former presidents First to fight & first to die Ode To A Dying People South Africa to seize white owned property! ‘Child Migrant’ Stabs 15-Year-Old Girl To Death Swedish Gang Rapes: Hundreds Protest Sweden: Fourth Woman Gang-Raped In 2 Months Muslim man: Gang raping white women is fun Norway: Syrian migrant punches woman in the face Germany: Surge in Migrant Attacks on Police Migrant Crisis: Millions Still to Come Merkles multi-cultural wasteland Berlin & Colon rapes continue Nurse told her “My gender is not male. I’m a transl.” Shop Sells Fake Penises For Little Girls Pentagon To Defy Trump And Allow Transgender Report: 30% Federal Inmates Are Illegal Immigrants Horror: ‘Exquisite Human Leather’ Products Blk Sailor Vandalized Own Bunk With Racial Slurs 81st doc found dead had called out Clinton Foundation Concertgoers pinned down from gunfire, helio Daughter to sprinkle mother's ashes on turkey dinner Trump Secretly Threatening To Cut Off Aid To Eu Israel Begins Deportation of African Migrants Russian Terminator AFVs by early 2019 Russia has an underwater nuclear drone China’s Underwater Listening Devices in Range of Guam Chinese ‘secret railgun’ mounted on ship Navy to scrap $500mn next-generation railgun Erdogan’s aide threatens to ‘break legs’ of Greek ministers US General to Turkey: We’re Not Pulling Back Stop Turkey’s Bombardment Of Our People Russian Su-25 Frogfoot Jet Shot Down in Syria Russia must find out where militants got MANPADS op underway at crash site to trace MANPAD rocket origin US Congress OKed MANPADs to militants in 2017,” Russia strikes back Russia knows who staged attacks on Syrian base US spy plane circled Russian airbase during drone attack Terrorist Training Network in Syria Air Force chief told to stop talking about the F-35 Will US partners still buy F-35 despite ‘phenomenal cost” Microwave Close-In Weapon Systems FBI 'Secret Society' that Met the Day After the Election The Memo Has Been Released! American Coup Memo Destroys Fake News Claim Trump Never Spied On EVERY BOGUS 2016 FISA REQUEST was Signed by Lynch Obama’s judges involved in Numerous Questionable Actions Memo Confirms Surveillance of Trump Campaign There Is No Collusion! Second Special Counsel From ‘Outside The Swamp’ Congressman Seeks Treason Charges Against FBI, & DoJ ‘Collusion Is Dead’ House panel looking at State Dept. involvement in Russia probe New Hillary Emails Released – Contains Directions on Deleting Require Clinton Special Investigation With Equal Resources Anti-Christian crime causes increasing concern in Germany Trump: ‘A Real Wall, Not a Little Wall’ Calais War Zone: Afghan, African Migrants Battle Police Cover-Up Somali Migrant Crime Wave MS-13 murders two girls ‘DREAMER’ Sodomized Multiple Boys, DREAMERS’ Murdered Man In North Carolina Illegal Alien Exposed Himself To 8-Year-Old Girl DACA invader smuggles more into U.S. Illegal Charged With Repeatedly Molesting Girl Another Illegal Alien Molested Girl In N. Carolina Illegal Pleads Guilty To Christmas Eve Murder African ‘Refugee’ Wanted For Triple Shooting Muslim Man’s Sexual “Rights” Over Non-Muslim Muslim Persecution of Christians, August 2017 Christians Suffer from “Very High Persecution” 215 Million Christians Persecuted, Mostly by Muslims Christian Girls Gang Raped to Screams of “Allahu Akbar” Professing Christ Is Becoming a ‘Hate Crime’ Illegal Alien Raped Woman In Florida Park Illegal Raped 10-Year-Old Girl In Arkansas “Sh*t Hole” Countries by Race and IQ Israel concerned over Su-57 debut in Syria Moscow: nuclear attack on allies as attack on Russia F-35 and the Typhoon Only Half of F-35s Available for Flight B-1 and B-2 to be scrapped Russia and China Racing to Get Satellite Jammers US Army tanks get futuristic shield Kadena Air Base key to any Asian military engagement Hypersonic weapons, America prepares its own arsenal China refuses to reveal military budget Hypersonic Weapons Enter Service in Russian A.F. US Missile-Defense System Not Ready Su-57 fitted with new Product 30 engine Limited Number of Weapons In German Military Ready Russia tested ‘over 200 new weapons’ in Syria F-16 Instructor Pilot Shortage Takes Toll On Training F-35 Carrier Launch Problem Is Safety Concern China has been cyber-attacking US China Accelerates Military Bases Iran Unveils Fleet of Combat stealth Drones Six Super Weapons Putin Unveiled China’s Advanced Stealth Combat Drones Men's Sperm Counts Are Dropping Ebola containment aircraft dispatched Clinton Gave Russia the US Technology for Hypersonic Missiles Standards? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Standards in the Army Muslims rape teen girl over 2-year period, nothing done by police Terror-tied CAIR Sheriff Scott Israel Sheriff Provided Weapons Training to Radical Mosque Australian Authorities Praise Islam As Solution for Wayward Youth Irish Govt  Promote Plan to Grow Population With Migration Christian gets 6 mo. in prison for “shaking the faith” of Muslims Priest is murdered by immigrant whom he welcomed Sweden: Woman faces two years in prison for joking about Islam Muslims murder 12 Christians Nigeria: Muslims murder 20 Christians, burn down 10 churches Serial subway perverts Man arrested looking for Bestiality & Person to eat Mexican man steals American’s identity for 37 years U.N. brings back image of 3rd pagan god Police offered helped to beat up the girls UK: teacher tried to raise army of jihadi children Illegal Alien Kidanpped, Raped 13-Year-Old Girl Somali ‘Refugee’ Sentenced On Terrorism Charges Mexican Child-Rapist Caught Again In California DACA Recipient Threatens To Commit Mass Shooting Illegal Alien Murdered Man, Set His Body On Fire Illegal Kidnapped 16-Year-Old Girl, Kept Her As Sex Slave Illegal Alien Broke Into Home, Raped Sleeping Child ‘DREAMER’ Shot Man To Death In Road-Rage Incident Illegal Brutally Raped A 65-Year-Old Woman 3 Illegal Aliens Gang-Raped Handicapped Woman Illegal Alien Poured Drain Cleaner Into Food At Restaurant Man Who Shot Good man To Death Is DACA Too Many Wars. Too Many Enemies 324,000 U.S. Blacks Killed by Blacks Bigger, Faster, Stronger: China’s Military BLOODY SOUTH AFRICA Russia : “The US Only Understands Force” Countries Are Urgently Preparing For WW 3 These Frightening Events IS WAR COMING? Congress has proven itself to be incapable Black Magic, the Occult, and the CIA Don’t Preach To Israel, Netanyahu Tells Erdogan US Blocks UN Security Council Probe Into Deaths US Increases Missile Defense Aid For Israel 705 Million IAF Flew Over Iranian Nuclear Sites Undetected China’s first home-grown aircraft carrier U.S. Air Force May Approve Enlisted Pilots Army Using Xbox, PS4 to Build New Virtual Trainers Russia ready to take USA's place as China's agri supplier Russia’s Radioelectronic weapons Russian military put on alert Russia successfully tests new air defense missile Combat readiness check conducted in Russia Avangard hypersonic missiles replace Rubezh ICBMs Russia's New Little Missile Packing Patrol Ship The Killing Of Uncle Sam SHE BURNED SOUTH AFRICANS ALIVE WARNING! Army Of Immigrant Invaders Report: Army Of Illegal Aliens Marching On America Trump demands border wall: 'Our country is being stolen!' Border Protection chief backs the Trump border wall Fabio: Why California is falling apart People Fleeing Western Europe Because of Muslim Migration Student suspended for factsheet about statistics of Muslim crimes Murders in London Overtake New York the Sex Cult’s FBI Informant S&M hotel 50 Shades-style ‘torture room’ Granted protest permit before Parkland Shooting happened Trump To Construction Workers: I'm Keeping My Promise Trump program aims to protect Christian doctors, bakers, Nuns Americans Grapple With Evil Amid Decline in Religious Faith Hogg Celebrates Mosquitoes Killing “Billions” Newborn baby murdered by MONKEY Shark hunts man deer bite hundreds of tourists 4-H LGBTQ: Transgender revolution in rural America Entire school curriculum to push 'gay' lifestyle 23 Firearms Go Lost or Stolen From ATF Illegal immigrant nabbed for impregnating 12-yr-old UK investigators set to hide the truth Our Enemies are Preparing for War – The Murder of Mireille Knoll Lesbians Adopt Six Children, Then Murders Them All Homosexuals Threaten To Rape Christian Student Islamic terrorists murder Catholic priest Man in murders 9 yr old boy a Hindu occult ritual Muslim doctors stab & beat Christian man to death Couldn’t prosecute Telford Muslim rape gang Muslim family returned escaped Christian girl to jihadi captors Muslim migrant arrested for arson Gov. just hiding the truth again Church of England in Decline Outraged Over 'Graphic' Sex Ed Plan  Deja vu on Syrian Chemical attack Quarterly destruction of more of our ICBM’s Carrier Ford Has Serious Power Problem leader says Trump 'can take the Nobel' Modern Israel ready to bomb Iran Modern Israel attacks Syria again Missiles launched at Syrian army’s positions M. Israel again pushes to get traitor to the U.S released U.S. B-52 bombers fly near Chinese coast U.S. command in Iraq shuts down ground operation Advanced icebreaker leads nuclear sub ‘Carrier-killer’ nuclear sub to take part in parade Massive military drills kick off in Russia's west Russia, China to hold joint naval drills Carrier to get advanced air defense systems Soros, And The Coming Of World War US, Turkey & Israel Working To Destabilize Mid East Iran expected to attack Israel Syria: Alleged Israeli airstrike kills 40 Israeli security cabinet calls emergency meeting The End Of Our Empire Approaches Putin Releases Identity of Russian Spies!!! “Caravan” of Illegals Climb Border Fence No collusion between Trump campaign, Russia Clapper and Brennan Conspired with Comey Against Trump Make Way For The Europe Spring Majority Of Jews Rejected Christ Transsexual Female Jews Disney Releases ‘Gay Mickey Mouse Ears’ American Pervs  Spreading Disease, Eating poo, & Raping kids Homosexual Cannibal Bailed Out By Jewish Family Who Funds New York Sex Cult Latino Christianity Committing Suicide Along W/ Amer. Cousin Jews, Christians and Muslims Gather in Church to Hate Israel America Is Red, White and Screwed! Man off to Prison After Flipping Off a Red Light Camera Before Being Murdered, She Sings “Jesus Loves Me” Islamic Terrorists Murder Christians Rape case of 2yo alleged victim is shelved Muslim Man, Pours Gas On Her And Burns Her Victim of Muslim rape gang raped by 70 men Religion of Peace is In Fact the Religion of Blood UK Hospital Starved Baby for 4 Days Until He Died Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard Islamic Brittan Crime rates are skyrocketing Ancient Mass Child Sacrifice May Be World’s Largest DON’T FUND WALL, ‘WE’LL CLOSE THE COUNTRY EU, to punish Hungary and Poland DREAMER’ Shot Teenager To Death In North Carolina Illegal Alien Raped 15-Year-Old Girl Two Previously Deported Sex Offenders Re-Arrested Illegal Alien Uber Driver Raped His Passenger Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 12-Year-Old Girl Another Illegal Alien Raped A Child In North Carolina Illegal Alien Kidnapped Girl From School, Raped Her Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped 12-Year-Old Girl African ‘Migrant’ Drugged, Raped 74-Year-Old Generals Worry US May Lose In Start Of Next War China condemns US over disputed islands US Good at 'Taking Down' Islands, General tells China Mattis warns of future aggression to Chinese militarization Mattis warns China over 'militarization' Assad wants American troops out of Syria US, Coalition Forces Double Airstrikes in Syria US Forces Back New Offensive in Syria 'Re-energized' Fight Against ISIS in Syria Russia Sends Latest Missile Ship Near Syria Israel To Pump $2B Into Ground-Ground Missile Unit S-500 Air Defense System Hits Target 300 Miles Away Russia's Newest Ballistic Missile Subs China to Unveil Flying Wing Bomber Aircraft China’s Z-19E Helicopter Completes Firing Test China’s carrier group reaches 'initial' combat capability U.S. Strikes Killed Nearly 500 Civilians F-35s dogged by parts shortages F-22 Raptors Replace F-35As in Pacific Militants in Kabul Attack Wearing US Army Uniforms Chinese lasers can now eliminate aircraft US Needs New Strategy To Combat ‘Political Warfare’ Pentagon Overspends $16 Million for Electric Breast Pumps US Defense Budget Not That Much Bigger Than China, Russia Customs seizes Ohio family's life savings U.S. vetoes U.N. resolution to offer 'international protection' Prepper gets phony murder charge Video shows police officer punching woman Bombers Hit Indonesian Churches Scientists Accidentally Discovered Quark Fusion DARPA Wants You to Brainstorm New Warfighting Ideas Bloody fighting as Antifa activists storm Patriot Prayer rally Christians in North Korea Executed 20 Percent Increase in Atrocities against Christians 'Free Tommy Robinson' Britain faces summer of BLOODSHED Militant Islamist threat to stay high If you win, you will be rewarded with white sex slaves Muslim gets 3 years for violent rape of 14-yr-old girl Muslim immigration should be stopped Previously Deported Illegal Alien Killed Teen Immigrants Went On Child-Molesting Spree ‘DREAMER’ Jailed On Child Porn Charges 2x-Deported Illegal Alien murdered Girlfriend Chinese National Tried To Abduct Two 10-Year-Olds Previously Deported Rapist Re-Arrested Nigerian Immigrant Raped 7-Year-Old Girl Obama’s ‘Unaccompanied Minors’ Murdered Man Another Illegal Alien Raped Another Child Two Previously Deported Rapists Re-Arrested Brutal Serial Rapist In Illinois Is Illegal Alien Illegal Alien Raped Woman On Her Front Porch Man Who Went On Shooting Spree Is An Illegal ‘DREAMER’ Thugs Gang-Rape, Pimp-Out 15-Yr-Old Illegal Alien Kidnapped And Brutally Raped Woman Illegal Alien Sodomized A 7-Year-Old Boy Germany: Muslim migrant arrested with a bio-weapon Doomsday not far away for USA Coming 'War Between The Crescent And The Cross' 'the site of King Arthur's conception' Merkel under pressure Turkey says its air strikes kill 35 Kurdish in Iraq Sanctuary prompt release of manslaughter, rape convicts Modern Israel to attack Syria nation wide Iranian-backed Syrian militias head toward Golan Syria state media says U.S. bombs Syrian positions DACA recipients accused murderers, to stay in US Double standards; some are more equal than others Cops attack girl who asks don’t you “something better to do” Another immigrant arrested for murder Cops murder girl to stop her from committing suicide Illegal Immigration Costs California $30.3 Billion A Year Illegal Immigrants Cost America $135 Billion Annually Illegal Immigrants Remittances  Cost America $30 Billion Government Gives $2 Billion If Businesses Hire Aliens Armed shopper stops potential mass shooting Freedom??? 2nd Amendment lost You can be a commie and an officer though DISEASE X Could Wipe Out Billions Left’s war on men meant to destroy the family Mueller Probe Should Itself Be Investigated ‘Comey Should Go To Jail’ Over ‘Corrupt’ Investigation ‘IG Report Totally Destroys Comey & All His Minions’ National Park drama: Bear vs. Eagles Bill Clinton black ‘son’ calls for ‘dad’ to take paternity test world's most secretive society Obama Admin Failed to Protect Thousands of Children FBI, DOJ Must Comply or Face ‘Arsenal of Constitutional Weap If DOJ Does Not Turn Over Documents by Monday – ‘Hell to Pay’ Lou Dobbs Issues Warning: “They Should Know We Are No Longer Part of This” – Italy Macron & Italian PM Conte Back EU Centers IN AFRICA Woman Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ Attacks People World’s Worst Pedo Peter Scully Filmed Baby Rapes Growing defiance by member states against EU’ Illegal immigrant children Higher Standard of Living Murdered Christian toes stolen @ dead body display Knife-wielding Muslima chases children down street Church of England back bid for new mosque jihad in history and the destruction of the West today Store refuses to “print anything offensive to Muslims UK: Police took part in Ramadan fast delivery man rips down cross from woman’s front door Muslims scream “Allahu akbar” in church Muslim deliberately plows car into Moscow crowd Germany: Muslim migrant stabs woman to death Man dies after brutal beating by Muslim migrants Somali muslim Gang Drives by Maine Park Target Rolls Out LGBTQ Pride Month At Children Sex Offenders Groom Churches Too Demonic World Council Of Churches Joins Vatican Strange Case Of The Human-Bigfoot War Of 1855 Forced To Resign Because I Won’t Pretend... Drag queens replacing Road Runner, Yosemite Sam Modern Israel missiles strike near Damascus airport Modern Israel in panic over losing their dear isis Su 57 vrs F-35 Understanding the Su-57 U.S. Air Force Considers Cutting F-15’s Chinese Military Aviation Overcomes its Engine Woes Major Offensive Asset for Tehran Today China's J-10 A lot Stealthier & More Maneuverable No High Hopes for its Littoral Combat Ship First Sixth Generation Combat Jet? PAK DA Next Generation Heavy Bomber Russian Air Force to Field New Tu-22M3M China’s Plan to Eliminate Taiwan’s Air Force S-500 Missile System for Mass Production China Allegedly Builds ‘Laser AK-47 Another missile launch cover up Russia to hold flight trials of super-heavy carrier rocket Shipbuilders to deliver 2 noiseless submarines to Russia air defences hit Israeli plane, thwart missile strike Pentagon Covering Up Female Officers Nearly Sank Ship New World Order: My Enemy, Your Enemy, Trump’s Enemy Bilderberg globalists concerned about populist uprising NSA spy hubs NSA destroying evidence Is The NSA About To Shut Down Obama Granted 2,500 Iranians US Citizenship America could be facing another massive invasion of illegals Mexican President Told Citizens “Find a Life in the United States” Koreans Revolt Against Arrival of Muslim Refugees Denmark: 10 Out of Every 12 Rapes Committed by Migrants Illegal immigrant is arrested for ‘starting dozens of wildfires Russian, Greek diplomats discuss protecting Christians “Deceased Crucified Man Began Moving” Trump may unveil Mideast ‘deal of the century’ & pull out of WTO no longer be able to fly without your Real ID communist goals as revealed by Dr.Cleon Skousen Communist trash declares historical truth racism! Commie brothers spend quality time together Communists Announce The Last 4th Of July Blacks try to murder American tourists Americans Are Losing Their White People Proof They’re Targeting Christians In America Pandemic to Wipe-Out 40% Of Population United Nations To Disarm All Americans Muslim invasion to make Sweden a 3rd world nation Muslim man marry daughter's 11yo girlfriend muslim to Head Sweden’s National Heritage Board Danish Minister: - We have lost to Islam Muslim looking man attacks teen wearing MAGA hat Millennials Abandon Christianity court date for Tommy’s appeal has been cancelled Muslim Arrested For Groping Six Teenage Girlsl Social engineering movies to make you hate whitie 1,000 People Injured in Terrorist Attacks By Refugees Why Does Congress Continue Importing Muslims Muslims Attack Christian Converts In Greece South Afrikaners Seeking Refuge In Russia   World's Most Heavily Armed Warships F-15X Over Tel Aviv New details about the F-15X World's Best Light Multirole Fighters, Part 5: J-10 Firebird Revolutionary New Sixth Generation Tech on Su-57 Acquisition of Over 450 Elite T-90MS Tanks Most Capable Combat Jets of the Third Generation- F4 Turkey doesnt want Western Made Air Defences China’s robot subs will lean heavily on AI Russian Navy will add 26 new ships, boats & vessels Japan launches next-generation destroyer China Leaving US Behind on Artificial Intelligence The Future of Russian Fighter Jets US, Japan bomber-fighter training showcases strength New Russian weapons: Already obsolete? Israeli F-35 secrets reportedly posted online Air Force terminates ICBM test after 'anomaly' 50,000 Migrants Waiting in Morocco to Invade Spain Writer Calls For Replacing Germans With Migrants goat dies after being allegedly gangraped by 8 men Man ‘used Tinder to find victims then raped and murdered’ Paris has 300,000 illegals crammed into just one suburb Imam: ‘Jihad is the Muslim Invasion and Conquest of Europe’ TSA surveilling ordinary travelers’ through secret program UK Rejects Syrian Christians, Refugee Intake 100 % of Muslim Navy RESCUED Concert Jihad Bomber (who slaughtered 22) Toronto ISIS Supporting Jihad Murderer France: Migrant Mob Arrested After Woman Gang-Raped (Islamic blasphemy) in Quebec, ordered to pay $60K Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped Two Girls, Ages 8 and 10 Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Assaulting Child In N.C. Illegal Alien From Haiti Shot Florida Cop In The Head Illegal Alien Caught Molesting 7-Year-Old Girl N.C. Sheriff Released Illegal Alien Who Raped 11-Year-Old Girl ‘DREAMER’ Charged With Molesting 6-Yr-Old Boy In Library ‘Sanctuary County:’ Illegal Alien Shoots Two People @ Drive-Thru Trump Promises to Pay Down $21 Trillion Debt Obama Admin gave $200,000 Grant to Terrorist Hungary joins US, gets out of UN Migration compact Orban: EU Should Punish Leaders Who Let migrants Trump Admin may end protected status for Somalis “Soulmates”: Israel’s Netanyahu & Hungary’s Orban Story about terror case piqued my interest Italy acts to reverse demographic decline of Italians Our Russia outreach has struck a nerve! Muslim American candidates embracing left-wing politics Druze women & children kidnapped by Isis in Syria Gov’t to House Sex Offenders Next to grade School Police Say Handcuffed Teen Shot Herself in the Head Cops Raid Actor Ving Rhames’ Home, Hold Him at Gunpoint UN: “Our Cash Flow Has Never Been This Low” UN Targets Media Outlets That Speak The Truth  Israel Aids Evacuation Of White Helmet terrorists Six Yemenis sneak Across US Open Border 18 -Yr-Old Mahad Aziz Rips Eyes Out of 74-Yr-Old Our Churches Are Producing Soft Christian Men “We started the fires! Be ready” Chinese Men Unable To Find Wives Are Now Kidnapping US Navy’s Nimitz-class ships conduct dual-carrier ops US preparing new strikes on Syrian government facilities Russian Beach Landing Drill in Crimea Russia to hold Mediterranean drills involving 25 warships Russian ships hold exercises during Mediterranean drills German, Dutch Marines set for evacuation drill Russian fighters with Kinzhal  hold drills with bombers Ukraine’s army planning offensive Lockheed Pitching U.S. Air Force On F-22-F-35 Hybrid It is time to give Syria back to the Syrians Syrian air defenses repel missile attack Russia deploys large task group off Syria China Boosts Nuclear Readiness China and Russia are Building Lots of Ship-Killer Missiles missile tests ahead of largest drill in three decades No One Lost the South China Sea Russian Made Anti-Aircraft Missile Hit an F-35? Massive Russian-Chinese Joint War Games w/ Nuk. Ex. Russian And Chinese Naval Ops In The Atlantic Newly built Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber Turkey Creating New Tensions with Greece Chinese Military Enters So. Africa -Is WW III Imminent? Attackers Hurl Stones at Church While Shouting “Allahu Akbar” Drag Queen Story Hour America’s devil-worshipping church Alleged that the United States was involved in the assassination Regenerate organs, and even allow paralysis sufferers to move 'Mistakes' In Yemen Airstrike That Killed 40 Children Russia Says Time Has Come To Ditch The Dollar McCain’s Death & Lays Out His True History IMF backs South Africa’s plan to confiscate land from whites Trump questions land confiscation from white farmers in S.A. US may leave WTO if they don’t ‘shape up’ – Trump US trade deal with Mexico smashes NAFTA Minority Support For Trump Surges ‘Immigration Is a Threat to European Civilization’ White Aussie girl found dead on Mexican yacht 'Terrorist motive' alleged in attack on Americans Stabbing in Chemnitz, Germany German police advise end of anti-migrant rally ‘We don’t want to live in Middle East & Africa’ Division Grows in Europe Over Migrant Crisis Germany: “No One Recognizes Our City Anymore” New Mexico Compound: The Latest Developments Anti-Migration Tensions Boiling Over In Germany Far-right poised for big wins in Sweden election African Migrants Needed to Replace Europeans Germany Fails To Deport Migrant Accused Of Crime Pope is at the top of the list of treasonous ‘leaders’ MS-13 Member with Arrested for Rape of 11-Yr-Old Girl GERMAN UPRISING: Muslim migrants kill a German Media Blackout: Arrests In New Mexico Compound Explosion In Concealed Carry Permits Among Women McCain funeral further exposes true political axis McCain Funeral “Call to Arms” Against Trump Not everyone saw John McCain as praiseworthy John McCain the “Leader,” of Muslim Brotherhood Turkish Air Force Is Now Bombing Christian Villages Israeli army in a state of readiness 4, a step before the war Did a U.S. Official Threaten an Attack on Russia? Calm Before Storm: Israel Preparing Strike on Damascus? Chinese warship came within 45 yards of USS Decatur US Navy proposing major show of force to warn China U.S. and China are playing a dangerous game Chinese insert microchips in CIA, DOD motherboards Trump Wants Chinese Parts Out of American Weapons Russia says it has completed shipping S-300 F-35 has crashed near MCAS Beaufort NATO to deploy 45,000 troops near Russian border Russia warns US fueling tensions between nuclear states Russia, India to continue joint military drills Russia wants answers from US, Georgia on bioweapons Russia won’t tolerate US biological exprmt near its border US military plan to spread viruses using insects F-35 engaged in mid east ops F-22 Raptor in Russian Fighter’s Sights Stealthy, Robotic Tankers for the Air Force Army Eyeing Strategic Cannon with 1,000-Mile Range US to give Israel more F-35s We Are Not Heading Toward Civil War, We Are Already Fighting It ‘Free speech evaporating in this country’ ISIS Group “Operating in Greek Refugee Camp” Islamic refugee violence bad at Swedish schools Muslim youth in France set up warzones all over the country Oktoberfest marred by a rash of Islamic refugee sexual assaults Sex slave of an Islamic rape gang ISIS recruiter runs two schools in Sweden Report Accuses the Pentagon of Developing an Ag Bioweapon Scientists find way to make old human cells young again America First is hurting China's business Contractors could scrap Enterprise for $1.4 billion Turd pile who Roundhouse-kicked Pro-life Woman 12yo ‘cannibal’ & her lover kill Hardcore porn at school? Sex club revelers issued with deadly bacteria warning Phony gender boy sexually attacks 5 yr old girl Refugee Program Costs $125 Billion $100 billion to fight the opium crisis $674 billion of tanks, fighter jets, subs and more $892 billion for the military  Air Force spends $1,280 per special coffee cup Chambers' neighbor recalls teen's burning death Hindu Terrorists Are Persecuting Christians School Forces 6 Yr-Olds To Write Homosexual Love Letters Islamic Terrorists Raid Village In Nigeria Trump stops FDA Contract to buy murdered babies Another Child Raped By An Illegal Alien African ‘Migrant’ Flasher, Punched 90-Yr-Old Woman Illegal Alien Who Strangled Pregnant Woman freed  Serial Killer Is A Seven-Time Deported Illegal Alien Illegal Alien Raped Woman African ‘Migrant’ Charged With Raping Two Women THEY ARE PREPARING TO COME GET YOU!! Warning!!! China’s surprise attack Top General Fears War With China and Russia Battle-ready Beijing: China prepares for war Russia-NATO Tensions Rise UK will sell to China "unlimited" military radar technology Breaking News: Taiwan Will Spark Tension Russian Tu-142 flew at USS Mount Whitney Pentagon has prepared a cyberattack against Russia US Military Unable to Fight Two Big Wars at Once CIS to create assistance group for nuclear emergencies Evidence Of Beijing's Stealth Drone Russia's Dry Dock Accident 32 civilians killed in coalition strikes Satellite Data Inadvertently Pinpoints Military Radars China's Missile Concept Could Cripple U.S. Air Power Israeli Satellite Spots the S-300 Missile Site in Syria Boeing to Reciprocal Procurement in Israel Top US Navy officer tells China to behave at sea Turkey hires 3 companies to build indigenous ADA 'You will suffer consequences' — Trump's Accomplishments List Orthodox Church: 'If Evil Prevails, End Times Will Be Upon Us' large Muslim migrant populations, have become ‘No Go Zones’ U.S. militia groups head to border Kavanaugh accuser admits to fabricating rape story American Backed Islamic Terrorist Exposed As Sodomite Perverts Armed Black Panthers Army Once Blew Up Tunnels To Chase Away A Ghost Great Pumpkin' asteroid returns Fake Bomb Suspect Sayoc’s Multiple Twitter Account/ Aliases 21st Century Civil War in America Trump’s Last Stand Against the Communist Take Over of America Jewish Professor “Porn Industry is a Weapon used Against Gentiles” Mistrial declared in blk man burning-death of white girl Refugees Vandalize Christian Structures Soros & Mastercard aid Migrant invasions Anchor baby deception Migrants: ‘Our Military Is Waiting for You’ Pat Buchanan: Birthright Citizenship Germany: Muslims try to derail high-speed train there a THIRTY-year-old man in our math class? Muslim tells woman she ‘deserves rape’ Migrants to cripple America & hasten a world gov. Illegal Alien Sold Thousands Of Fraudulent IDs Illegal Alien Raped 7-Year-Old Girl Caravan’ Is Armed With Molotov Cocktails And Guns Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped Young Girl Illegal Alien Kidnapped, Raped 6-Year-Old Girl Sex Traffickers Using ‘Caravan’ To Smuggle Children Illegal Alien Raped 9-Year-Old Girl Illegal Alien Wanted For Raping 6-Year-Old Girl Illegal Alien Abused 3-Year-Old Girl, Pimped Her Out Illegal Alien Repeatedly Raped Two Girls       African ‘Migrant’ Raped Young Woman 2018 November  Homosexuality and the Decline in American Values School Invites Homosexual Drag Queen ‘Good Morning America’ promotes child drag queen Movie on Netflix Critiquing “Hook Up” Culture marrying 'ghost' after sex with 20 spirits Monument to Satan Goes Up In Springfield Exploring The Dark Side Of Bush '41' Russia to deploy nuclear weapons in foreign countries 1 in 5 Generals not cleared for combat Red Dawn Invasion Force Russia Deploying S-400 Missiles In Crimea Russian Stealth Jets Armed With Hypersonic Missiles Ukraine Ships’ try to enter Russian waters in Black Sea US makes preparations to sail warship into Black Sea US warship challenges Russia in Peter the Great Bay China has developed a magnetic propulsion drive China Has Built ‘Great Wall of SAMs’ China’s Aggressive Military Reorganization Prompts Fear Military warns EMP attack could wipe out America Syria: Israeli fighter-jet downed during strike  Christians face 'imminent extinction' UN Pact to Flood Europe With 59 Million Migrants in 6yrs Swedish yellow vests unite in protest against UN Migration Pact Anti-globalist yellow vests movt ‘conquers’ Europe & spreads Hungary rejects ‘UN Refugee Pact’ pact Latvia rejects UN Migration Pact Croatia will NOT sign UN migration pact joins US, Hun. & Austria Salvini’s Rome shines as he puts Italians first France yellow vest protesters want Macron to resign Treasonous UK Government to sign UN Migration Pact Merkel signing the UN Migration Pact “An act of treason” France and Germany tell EU states ‘to take refugees or pay’ ‘Italy gripped by fear and bitterness’ Unite to save our countries from the madness of EU leaders Greek party wants higher birth rates to protect Europe from Islam ‘Migrant free’ Slovakia is in top safest EU countries  Afghan refugee, raped and murdered German girl Gang rapes in Germany committed by foreigners Migrants answer hospitality of Swedish girl with rape German ‘cover up Syrian raping disabled woman Won't give up fight against school's Islam promotion Migrant Caravan Funded By Soros The UN’s Bloodless Coup Against the US Caravan Organizers Promised Easy U.S. Asylum Murderer in Caravan Caught Crossing into U.S MS-13 Gang Member Busted in Caravan 6 MS-13 Gang Members Accused of Butchering Teen Migrant invaders break down border fence  Caravan Migrants Storm U.S. Border Invaders used Women, Children as Human Shields Migrant invaders Caravan Mostly Military-Age Men 63 percent of ‘Non-Citizens’ on Welfare 30 Muslims to be tried over sexual exploitation Blk Jamaicans  covered up sexual assaults for years Kids Brainwashed to Hate White People Turkey Wipes Out the Christian Culture in Cyprus HATE CRIME HOAX: Swastikas     2018 December  The Warning Window! EMERGENCY ALERT: WWIII? Clock Is Ticking Towards World War 3 Nato meets as Russia confirms pilot dead Russia “Fully Mobilized,” Turkey Warns Russia Not To 'Play With Fire' Russia Cuts All Military Ties With Turkey Turkey moves the World to the brink of war China Unveils Biggest Army Overhaul U.S. rocket used in attack on Russian chopper' Can Russia counter USA USA considers scenario of war with China US makes Turkey down Su-24 US likely to make another South China Sea patrol Greece Agrees With Russian Russia Launches 'Operation Total Destruction' NATO May Be On The Way To Breaking Up Moscow warns against US plans China Debuts ‘Carrier Killer’ Russian Stealth Ship Killers Debut Radar that Tracks Stealth Aircraft Barack Obama Actually TRYING To Start World War III? US B-52s Fly Over Disputed South China Sea  Russian Bombers Conducting Nuclear Strike Drills U.S. Chides Russia Over Military Flights In Europe Russia probes NATO defences PLA radar technology nullifys US stealth jets China's anti-ship missile could trigger nuclear war Russian fighter planes are running amok Edge Of Nuclear War! Russian Forces Massing on border New Chinese Bomber Can Nuke US Military Bases China scrambles jets after US, enter air zone American bombers fly over disputed islands Russia Nuke Attack Drill Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S. China Prepares for War China threatens US military superiority Nuke Shield Gone? (M.A.D is no more) Russian cruise missile tests Big Week for China Watchers Russia to deploy new weapons President Xi Orders Chinese Army To “Prepare For War” Nuclear Threats of 2018 Will Follow Us into the New Year Globalists unleash Deep State forces Trump must act now! The F-35 Is About to Get A Lot Smarter Strategic Command boasts about its bombs China has finished building a secret antennae 34 Reasons Why War with Russia Is Inevitable Islamic State: “Flames of war” will “come to America” Bill Gates' nuclear venture Return of carrier-killer bomber Putin oversees hypersonic weapon test China's leader urges action to take over Taiwan Will the ‘Taiwan question’ give rise to a World War III Japan unleashes $243bn defense spending plan The US-China Cold War is upon us ‘Prepared to counter any threat’ Chilling Blackwater ad triggers fear China showcases composite combat drone Pentagon failed its audit amid a $21 trillion scandal Chinese warship carrying a next-gen hypersonic rail gun F-35 air-to-air missiles, changing air combat China Releases Footage Of “Mother of All Bombs” US set for unprecedented outbreak of mysterious polio-like virus First state to legalize human composting Iraqi Archbishop thanks Trump for aiding Christian victims Libya: Mass grave found of Christians Islamic State in Ukraine: A Christmas present from the West UK, US look at jihadist groups as useful US Backs Kosovo’s KLA terrorists again ‘Creation of Kosovo army is illegal & dangerous  Mother of murdered Scandinavian tourist was sent video Syrians celebrate Christmas & hope for lasting peace Trump orders Syria troop pull-out & Hollywood goes bananas Women now hold the top positions at the CIA Congress' new Shariah Caucus Dozen Injured By Rampaging Migrant Gang Radio Station Airs Demonic Sounds For Hours UK Deploys Ships Over Migrant Crisis UK: First Muslim terrorist attack of 2019 GERMANY: Muslims stirring up trouble in Cologne Fight terrorism on campuses by ‘exposing Islam’ New York City Debuts Muslim Sharia Patrol Cars Muslima let her five-year-old slave girl die of thirst Pakistan: Muslims murder five girls Muslims murder Christians on day after Christmas Authorities use tear gas to stop migrants Strasbourg Christmas market muslim gunman killed Bearded white racist turns out to be a black man Prosecutors: Girl killed mistakenly Media whipped up fake race-baiting Crime among black men 'more effective' than KKK NAACP: earthquakes in Oregon are white supremacy UK Lawmakers Threaten Govt Shutdown Over Brexit Yellow Vests Rage After Founder Arrested Bird Box Is About 5G Radiation & Mass Suicide New church superstar says about porn Behead her victims, drink their blood, & masturbate 2019 January  last battle to defeat ISIS in Syria Kashmir On Edge India And Pakistan Could End The World As We Know It Indian-Pakistan Air War Erupts India & Pakistan exchange shelling INDIA OPENS ARTILLERY ATTACK ON PAKISTAN Kashmir Shelling Resumes claims Pakistan misused F-16 fighter US Influence Over India-Pakistan Crisis Congress May Make It Impossible to End a War Road-to-civilisation-collapse Russian robot shoots guns Scientists fear end to Mankind LAVROV: US must stop threatening its legitimate govt Russian & US warships in Bosporus Strait Newly built Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber Nuclear hit list revealed The Militarization of China Russia ready to discuss deliveries of Su-57 to India Russia to develop land-based Kalibr-M “If the Lights Go Out in the West” List of FAKE Hate Crimes just since Trump was elected Super gonorrhoea is start of drug-resistant STI boom EL CHAPO Names Names of Politicians.   see-10min 45sec in: Blacks Openly Call for Genocide of Whites Orthodox priest says abortions ‘scarier than the Holocaust’ Gay & Trans Sex Education to be Taught to FIVE-YEAR-OLDS Chronic Wasting Disease Is A Time Bomb i-aborted-1200-babies-then 500,000 Dead Children Haunt Madeleine Albright Murder of the Unborn now Legal for a New Born School Cancels Assassination Birthday Party Game Muslim Mobs Attack 10 Church Buildings Denmark Considers Sending Syrian Refugees Home Migrant Rapes Boy, 15, in Public Park Migrants Arrested For Rape of Boy At Railway Station Afghan Migrants Rape Underage Boy & Film the Attack Illegal Convicted of Child Rape Release by Sanctuary City 2,000 Muslims ‘Ready to Carry Out Attacks at Any Time’ Protesters take over Border Patrol museum Germany Rocked by Six Stabbings, Gang Rape Migrants Commit 70% of Violent Crimes in Norwegian Hungary: Protecting Own Sovereignty a Top Priority Hungary PM: Control Migration or "Suffer" Migrants Pouring Across English Channel Immigrant Suspected of Five Rapes UPS Suspends Deliveries in Swedish 'No-Go Zone' Woman Dangled By Hair, Dropped to Death Germany Trying 22-Year-Old Syrian Gang Rape Migrant Gang Douses Woman in Lighter Fluid Elderly Couple Forced From Home to Accommodate Migrants J-20 vs F-22: how China’s Chengdu J-20  compares Migrant Arrested in Latest Child Rape Case in Finland  But not a dam dime for the wall!!!!! 2019 March Faulty nuclear propulsion and elevators Russia's response to USA's INF Treaty pullout massive drills in Crimea Russian Navy keeping an eye on NATO warships Turkey, Russia hold first coordinated patrols in Syria Russia’s Orekhovo-Zuyevo missile corvette Russia’s Su-27 jets twice scrambled to intercept US B-52 Taiwan blasts China for ‘provocative’ fighter jet incursion China protests against US ‘provocation’ Super Hornets to Gain Counter-Stealth Capability New Missiles Unveiled at Airshow China Robotized T-72s in Russia? Rheinmetall Tests a Weapon Station for Laser XQ-58A Valkyrie demonstrator Chinese Christians live in fear Erdogan’s death threat picks a fight he won’t win Trump’s China trade ‘win’ takes shape in Beijing Army’s request for proposals next-gen combat vehicle Mumps Cases Reported in Temple University Outbreak SAVAGE ON IMMIGRATION AS INVASION Brennan on Trump: I may have relied on ‘bad information’ Fired FBI Director Jim Comey confused on report Muslims want apology for Christians defeating Islam Christchurch: Staged, false flag event? Evidence of criminality on the part of top FBI officials “Officials Must Be Asked What Obama Knew & When?” Migrants Gang Rape 12-Year-Old, Friend let Go - She’s Muslim Surge of migrant crossings in France 'We’ve never seen anything like this' Army Veteran Who Trained A Christian Militia UK: Radical Muslims Welcome, Persecuted Christians nope Godlessness Reaching Epidemic Proportions Western Culture Has Died Clinton Body Count: Murders, Suicides, Mysterious Deaths China Continues crackdown on Christianity The Border Is Beyond Broken 20,000 More Migrant Caravan Headed To Border! Border City Overwhelmed By “Surge” Trump Cuts Off Aid To El Salvador, Guatemala & Honduras Trump Threatens to Close Border Former DHS Chief Says There Is A Border ‘Crisis’ Disturbing “Pedophile” Baby Jumpsuits America At “Immigration Breaking Point Migrant crisis on the southern frontier Mexicans Viciously Beheads Man The “Mother Of All Migrant Caravans” is coming Muslim writes: “I will assassinate your pastor” Muslims burn four churches, rape & murder Christians Illegal immigrant accused of murdering woman Black man charged with murder of White girl Get Serious and Stop Rewarding Illegal Immigration,’ Trump allows Liberians to live and work in the U.S Migrant Arrested for Attempts to Derail Trains isis CDR. had refugee passport w/ unrestricted travel New Zealand removes any reference to Jesus 40,000 armed Muslims storm Israel’s border Italy has had enough of Islamic immigrants 2019 April China's top secret 11,509mph hypersonic rocket Ft. Bragg cuts power to thousands to simulate attack Poseidon ‘nuclear doomsday torpedoes’ Will Japan really build a modernized F-22? U.S. Navy warships sail through strategic Taiwan Strait NATO Executes Massive Military Drill On Russian Border Russia and NATO terminate cooperation Overtasking of B-1 Fleet Led to Faster Deterioration Russia's Pacific Fleet task force arrives in China Russia's Northern Fleet warships wrap up drills Russia's Black Sea Fleet troops begin drills Russia’s Army Forum turns into world’s largest arms show Ads Encourage Migrants to Obtain 'American Dream' Chinese citizen enlisted in US Armyis accused of spying U.S. Military Now Denies missing F-35 was found USAF clears B-1s to return to operations Only way to stop antisemitism is to criminalize it Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People 200 Million Pigs” Have Been Hit By A Global Plague Snowden bombshell: aliens helped Hitler! U.S. soldiers surrendered to Mexican troops in America world underestimates danger of nuclear war Oil price plunges on Trump comments Triatorist Feds Are Dropping Child Porn Cases DHS Releases 7K Illegal Aliens into U.S. in Five Days CDC says every major outbreak of measles caused by illegals Measles Outbreak Widens President Trump trying to save America again Mueller May Have Tried to ‘Frame’ President Trump Post-Mueller Vow To Release ‘Devastating’ FISA Docs ‘Hate Crime’ of Saying Muslim Migrants Have Not Integrated Satanic Temple' Has Evolved Into An Anti-Trump Movement Satanic Temple Gets IRS Nod as Official House of Worship Sri Lanka Easter attacks ‘an insult to humanity’ Running Bestiality Operation With A Dozen Animals Christian Stabbed By Migrant Huge Spike In Herpes Reported CDC admits HIV is exploding among transgender Muslims attack another white girl Black muslim hunting white women in London media corporations are now embracing Satanisml Magazine Encourages Men To take it in the butt Muslims Beheads 16-Yr-Old For Sending Whatsapp Message Sex With Children Has Become Big Business In America Islam to persecute Assyrian Christians in Scandinavia 100,000 illegals graduate high schools annually Mexico: 300,000 Migrants Traveled Through in 2019 1,300 migrants escape from Mexican detention center Cardinal Warns: “West WIll Disappear” Because of Mass Migration 4yr old girl beaten to death..she didn’t fix her hijab Double standard leftists bastards Preparing For A Civil War In Germany Syphilis Is On The Rise Again Muslim Majority Town Behind Christian Massacre Sri Lanka protects mosques, shuts down churches Church Closed after Muslim mob beats up priest 2019 May China Now Has More Warships Than the U.S. Chinese Hypersonic Vehicle More lies on Syrian Chemical attacks No chemical attacks in Syria 350 terrorists killed by Syrian army Iraninan cleric threatens U.S. fleet US sends assault ship, missiles amid Iran 'threat' Images question who started the iran escalation Bank of Russia may consider gold-backed cryptocurrency Zelensky's election - Ukrainians want peace, not war NATO demands release of Ukrainian sailors in Russia UN Convention does not apply to Kerch Strait incident Tiananmen Square: Why China’s Leaders Want to Erase Modern U.S. wants to erase a century of history Black S.Africa leader talks about murdering all whites More white genocde and the media dosen’t care “Danes Are Becoming a Minority in Their Own Country Christian symbols destroyed in Europe & Canada Central American minority murders white woman White Farmer beat to death by blacks with a hammer UK migrants score point by stabbing Europeans Muslims throw bricks at European Patriots Children Four Christians murderd while in Church Genocide of Christians Reaches "Alarming Stage" Pope states fact that abortion is just like hiring a hitman Trump Signs Order on Welfare-Dependent Legal Immigration Record Number of Agents Contracting Illness from Illegals '100%' of illegal immigrant families released into U.S She ‘Doesn’t Want to Create Any More White People’ Iran commander calls U.S. military in Gulf a target not a threat “They Are Not Ready For A War, Israel Is Within Our Range” Pentagon deploying Patriot anti-missile battery to Middle East Oil Tankers Sabotaged Off UAE Coast Iran: "U.S. Blocking our Ships from ALL Countries for 10 days  ANC Retain Power With Election Win Bilderberg 2019: Full Agenda and Participants List World Elite Conspire in Secret to End Nationalism infection kills teen daughter 'within 36 hours' Chips Ahoy Promotes queer ‘Drag Moms’ Joe Biden Linked to Early Stages of Russia Probe agents investigating Trump 'could well be treason' Deep State Players Engineered Russia Hoax EU Election Results Show People are ‘fed up Le Pen Demands Macron Dissolve Parliament Far-right League becomes Italy's largest party, Merkel's coalition in crisis talks after EU vote “Europe is Tired of Being a Slave to the Elites” US Companies to Leave China Blackmen murder white couple for being white Obama officails worried about treason charges Trump admin to block Chicoms’ access to key tech Man Stabs 16 Christian Schoolgirls, 2 Adults Private Company Builds Border Wall Navy pilots report unexplained flying objects Idiots & carnage on Everest FOIA in Release of ‘Dancing Israeli’ Photographs Hillary’s Missing Emails Found in Obama Oval Office, Says FBI