The word "Armageddon" comes from two Hebrew words: HAR (mountain/hill-Strong H2042) and MEGGIDO (Strong H4023/1413 regathering, place of gathering or rendezvous). In Bible symbolism, a "mountain" is a nation. The USA is the place of the gathering of all the tribes of Israel, plus it is also Mystery Babylon & the location of Armageddon; which are all the same place. Thus, "Armageddon" is at the NATION OF THE REGATHERING. Therefore, the USA is the place of the battle of Armageddon!!  Get Ready! (Rev. 16:16-19)
             AMERICA:     "Amer" = Heaven "Rica" = Kingdom (Kingdom of Heaven/ Heavenly Kingdom)                       The Beast: 7 Headed beast = the United Nations and its 7 security counsel Heads.                The 10 Crowns/horns: The 10 regions the U.N. has divided the world into. 
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The WACO before WACO        Check out: BANNED.VIDEO WikiLeaks Wikipedia Defencyclopedia INVESTOPEDIA (U.S., Britain, France, USSR, Taiwan, Russia, China) Holy Bible in Chinese China: A Century of Revolution China Story Christians Should Not Believe in 'Left Behinds' Rapture Theology America is Mystery Babylon Professor says Jesus visited England Jesus 'died on Friday, April 3, 33AD' King Arthur's Camelot was in Cirencester Joseph & the Egyptians came to America George Washington was incredibly hard to kill Islam's Jihad Invasions of Europe:  A Savage Empire        A must see! Prayers 1960’s Sermon
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The best Civil Defense is to Become a true Christian:  * Love the Lord thy God (Mat.22 v. 37)  * Believe in and on the Lord, Savior and Redeemer Jesus Christ  (John 3:16)  * Repent and be Baptized.  (Acts  2:3822:16, 1 Peter 3:21, Mark  6:12)  * Confess  (Romans 10:9)  * Keep the commandments of God and have faith in and testimony of the      Lord, Savior and Messiah Jesus Christ.  (Rev. 12:17, Deut. 30:16, Rev.14:12)  * Have a sword.  (Luke 22:36)  * Have a shelter to enter into.   (Isaiah  26:20,21)  * Have supplies to last to the end.  (Mark 13:13 Matt. 25:1-12)  * Come out of Babylon.  (Rev. 18:4,5)  (be self sufficient) 1860 U.S. census: 32 million people in the United States Northern states:   23 million Southern states:    9 million • White- 5.5 million of which 3% owned slaves = 165,000 whites owned slaves. • Black- 3.5 million of which 500,000 were  free blacks of which 28% owned slaves =  140,000 blacks owned slaves. CRIME STATS: (Compilation of main stream news/DOJ & CDC #’s) NEWS LINKS     THIS MONTHS TOP NEWS- November 2022     Proverbs 9:6 Leave your simple ways and you will live;               walk in the way of insight.” George Washington was a Virginian. Gen. Lee was a cousin to George Washington and a Virginian. Gen. Patton was a cousin to Gen. Lee Gen. Chesty puller was a cousin to Gen. Patton Gen. Chesty puller’s dad fought under Jeb Stuart during the civil war. Gen. Omar Bradley’s dad was a southerner and fought for the Confederacy. Admiral Chester Nimitz’s granddad was a Captain in the Confederate Army and a Texas Ranger. Gen. MacArthur's mom was a confederate and his dad a yank. Teddy Roosevelt’s mom was a confederate and dad a yank. WWI war hero Sgt. Alvin York was a southerner from Tenn. WWII war hero Lt. Audie Murphy was a southerner from Texas. Top Union Gen. Winfield Scott was also a southerner/Virginian, but held with the union during the civil war. Special Intel Polydoros of Sparta 741-665 B.C. If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemies religion , you are enslaved. If you bred with your enemy, you are destroyed. Your Southern Hertiage: Original 1935 communist document shows the successful communist take over of America would provide quotas, integration and hate crime laws. The invasion has begun!         Aztlan Rising They want more than your job! A MUST READ A history of a true American Knight Blacks violently assault 550,000 white people each year. Whites assault 58,000 blacks each year. Nuclear Bomb Simulator Experience the power of a nuclear blast PODCASTS: 1.) The Viceroy's view 2.) Christian Heritage Library Brighteon Video: 1.) CDNN 2.) Protestant Church of America 1 million+ white slaves were taken from Europe to africa. Less than 500,000 black slaves were bought from africa to North America. Proper Perspective on slavery: Kerch Bridge Attack: New Report Claims US Supplied UUVs Putin dubbed 'fighter of the Antichrist' lab in Maryland plans to create a hybrid monkeypox strain more deadly  'Muslim Refugee' Charged in Rape of 11-Year-Old Girl Muslim African invader Caught Raping Woman Macron: Half The Crimes In Paris Are Committed By Foreigners TEEN screamed "it's eating me" as she was mauled by a bear Indonesian grandmother eaten alive by 22-foot python Death of 10-year-old in 'blackout challenge' Police Bust ‘Arab’ Teens During Gang Rape at Playground Kohl’s stabbing – 2 stabbed to death at department store Democrats Moving for Pedophilia of Children In Public Transgender Strips Naked on Live TV, Plays Piano w/ his Penis 11 charges of rape and sexual assault Elderly man brutally attacked on subway train by Blacks 5 Black females accused of attacking, robbing girl 53 performers have dropped dead, or keeled over, on stage Minority shoots up school media silent Delphi murders - arrested man's daughter, pose in same spot Putin Appointed 'Chief Exorcist' Joy Behar Admits She Has Sex With Demons America’s pulpits are filled with cowardly men Man Brutally Beating Pregnant Girlfriend stopped by Good Guy With a Gun Demand Whites Buy Tickets for Blacks and Die for Them Reparations to give Blacks hundreds of thousands of dollars Disney stands by ‘LGBTQ+ woke’ brain washing strategy School district removes 97 books from libraries Pentagon's schools infested with shocking porn for Kids TV station airs results of race – 12 days before election! War crimes whistleblower to face prosecution Judge Orders: Rules COVID-19 Firings Unconstitutional SCIENTISTS PROVE BIBLE AGAIN Trans Volleyball Player Causes Severe Head Injuries To Girl Western powers aided the bloshivik take over of Russia Putin reveals his thoughts on gender theory Ukraine Shelling Russian Town’s Schools, Churches & An Orphanage UKRAINE TO DETONATE "DIRTY" NUCLEAR DEVICE Dirty Nuke Bomb Fits Kiev Regime’s Record of Foul Tricks and Corruption Ukraine Carries out Drone Attack on Russia's Ships in Sevastopol Grain port Russia suspends grain deal after terrorist attack on Sevastopol Grain corridor used as shield to attack Sevastopol Ukrainian troops tried to land in area around Zaporozhye NPP Armageddon Is Closer Than You Think US to modernize nuclear arsenal in Europe Pentagon Strategy, to Use Nukes Against Non-Nuclear Threat Finland Will Allow NATO to Place Nuclear Weapons on Border With Russia War In Ukraine: Made In Washington Not Moscow Putin warns of unpredictable decade ahead Russia does not consider itself an enemy of the West Russian simulation of ‘massive nuclear strike’ and nuclear sub deployment Putin watches Russian nuclear test Putin oversees ‘nuclear strike on the West’ Polish mercenaries attack Ukrainian military Russia warns USA of consequences of using space satellites in Ukraine Russia makes veiled threat against Musk’s Starlink Russia could destroy Western satellites Russians Are Building more Bomb Shelters US troop deployment on Ukrainian border China will support Russia in ‘overcoming difficulties’ CIA chief met Zelensky in Kiev Starlink signals can be reverse-engineered to work like GPS US claims Chinese spies meddled COVID came from Chinese lab Israel launches daytime strike on Damascus US Gives Ukraine Most Advanced Air Defense System To Date US to ditch most powerful thermonuclear bomb Power supply may be restored, if Kiev recognizes Russia’s new regions