Political Views  *Pro Christian; use and follow God’s laws to run the nation. *Pro Traditional Family. *Pro Constitution; based on intent and writings of the founding fathers. *Pro American borders, language & culture. *Pro-life for the innocent. *Pro death penalty for those guilty of rape, murder & treason (+instate Biblical false accuser   amendment to protect the innocent) *Pro Free Market economy *Pro original intent of the freedom of religion was only for denominations of Christianity. *Pro Energy Independence *Reduce the size of the Federal government *Pro American manufacturing – Get the jobs back. The service economy stinks. *Anti hate crime laws- A crime is a crime; no matter who the victim is. Prosecute accordingly. Political Plans Budget -Tax Reform– Economy *Make the Federal Reserve Corporation pay tax on all profits since its inception. *Nationalize the Federal Reserve Corporation after taxes have been recovered; put the U.S. treasury   back into control. Give low interest loans directly to the people. *Back the U.S. dollar with renewable, but very important agricultural produce like corn,   wheat, soy-beans, etc.; but something that is very hard to corner the market on.  *Set up saving accounts for departments of the government to operate on. They should attempt to run   on the interest of the account only. This will stop the waste of excess funds at the end of the fiscal year. Under Current Tax System: *Allow workers to deduct mileage & maintenance for driving to and from work. *Allow utility bills for private homes to be deducted for incomes under 200K. *Allow tips up to $25,000 per year to be given to workers be tax free. *Standard tax deduction increase to $100K. *Transitional tax of 1% per each 10K up to 200K, 10% tax on income from 200K to 500K, 15% for 550K+    transitional tax of 1% per each 10K up to 550K. *Keep the corporate tax rate at 35% and give them a 1% tax reduction for every 1,500 jobs created each   year for a maximum reduction of 25%. Any lay-offs will reduce the tax deduction equally. *10% flat tax on all unearned investment income for those who make less than 500K per year. *Allow all preparedness supplies to be tax deductible up to 30K per year. *Create a Homestead exemption, so you will not have to pay tax on your primary home and up to 10   acres of land to be used for subsistence living. Means testing & locality consideration will determine   the maximum value. (land values differ in different locations.) New Tax System: *No Income Tax, No Social Security Tax, No Medicare Tax. *Replace the above with an across the board sales tax of 1%. This will include all individuals, all governments,    all companies, all corporations, all stock/bond/funds and options traded, and even non-profit corporations.    Plus, a duty tax of 5% on all Items purchased out of country. These taxes will bring in over $7 trillion and fund    the entire budget of $4 trillion and put $3 trillion toward the national debit & operational savings accounts. *Add  upto .5% more to compensate the states for operating the collection program with their state sales tax    and for them ending their income tax & property tax as well. Excess for this will be placed in a savings account.    The U.S. citizens must vote and approve the use of these funds. Misc. * Eliminate all quoatas, grants, scholarships, food stamps, medicaid, and other welfare. * In return -Give all American citizens (18+) $35,000 base income. *Claim or increase royalties on all resources taken from Federal lands or territorial waters. Give these funds to    United States citizens, just like Alaska shares their wealth with their citizens. At least a 10% royalty should be    given to the people. * All government contracts awarded must pay U.S. tax. (Recover all taxes that Halliburton avoided by    moving their headquarters to Dubai and any others who have done the same thing) *Set tariffs to offset wage differences between the two trading countries (Fair trade not free trade) *Put equal tariffs on nations that have tariffs on our products. *Stop any incentive that helps companies send U.S. jobs to foreign countries. *Start a program to help middle class citizens to start small and mid-size businesses, farms and factories (0%    interest loans directly from the treasury department) *Do not allow Mexican or other foreign trucks to haul in the United States. *No funds to be given to anyone that is not a United States citizen. *No funds should go to anyone with a dual citizenship. * Eliminate un-needed Federal agencies, example: Homeland Security, TSA, CIA, Federal Department of    Education, Board of governor of the Federal Reserve, FEMA, Peace corps, Smithsonian, and funds to    the NEA and other arts endowments. Idle the IRS for new tax system and possibly close and put duties    onto the treasury department. *Eliminate overtime/comp time payout for federal managers and supervisors. *All federal employment must hire the best qualified person. No buddy system. No quotas. Social security/Medicare *Full benifits age should be decreased to 50, so youth can enter the work force more easily. *All social security funds should be determined by means testing and can be re-evaluated later. *All Medicare funds should be determined by means testing and can be re-evaluated later. *All federal employees’ medical programs should be combined with Medicare. This includes the   President, Vice-president, State Department, Congressmen  & Senators. Put us all in the same boat. *V.A should be drastically reduced and combined with Medicare to allow the Veterans to go to any   doctor or medical facility they want. (Only a small administrative contingent should remain to help   process Vets into the program and to solve special issues.) *No one should be able to draw social security or Medicare funds, unless they or their spouse have paid    into the fund for at least 20 years. (or be a Veteran to receive Medicare.) * All of the 2.8 trillion dollars borrowed from social security must be repaid now. *Obama care must be repealed and the 500 billion dollars given back to Medicare. * As the system recovers lower retirement age for social security & Medicare to 50. Educational System *Stop all federal funding to public schools and replace them with a voucher directly to the parents. They can use these   funds to pay for home schooling, private school, charter school, or if the wish; for public schools. This will give the public   school system competition and an incentive to provide better education & environment for the children. Energy Independence *Place time limit to use natural resource leases, to keep people and corporations for getting the   lease and not using it. No holding of leases. *Energy Independence – Geothermal power like Iceland (& potable H2O  production plants), Hydro power, standardize    fuel mix of 25% alcohol 25% liquefied coal 50% petroleum gas, build or convert existing coal plants into Oxford energy   type power plants. They produce 50% more energy for the same amount of fuel and burn 99% clean without scrubbers.   They also can burn coal, oil, used tires, grain husks and garbage. *Program to help individuals and non-corp. entities to set up homes and businesses with alternate    energy systems. (Credits, deductions and 0% loans.) *Make all new vehicles sold in the United States flex/multi fuel capable. *Stop oil companies from selling oil that has been taken from federal lands and selling it overseas, until after our   demand has been met and stratigic reserves filled. *Rebuld water shed projects, leves, lakes, locks & dams on water ways & add hydo-generation to all of them. Defense *All wars with U.S. involvement should be fought for a gain for the U.S. citizens. (Ex: to gain territory or    resources for the United States citizens or to eliminate an enemy and immediately come back home.)    The wars on terror have only brought us tyranny with the patriot act, Homeland security & the TSA,    but they leave the Mexican border open and refuse to restrict immigration, where most of the    terrorists and illegal drugs would come from. *No foreign entanglements should be allowed. No unjustified wars. Those who vote for a war must   go to the war and fight in combat. *Accordingly Investigate and punish the correct perpetrator for any retaliatory actions needed. *Rebuild strong nuclear deterrent, prep power grid for EMP & build a new Civil Defense program. *Strong Air force & SDI- regain our air superiority - complete our missile shield. *Small standing Army, but high quality (performance only, no quotas) & capable of rapid large scale   mobilization of volunteer militiamen at a moment’s notice. (Not to be used against U.S. citizens) *National Guard reverted back to the State Guard for state emergencies. *Large well trained and independent militia. *Strong navy- keep all nimitz class ships. *Segregated showers & bathrooms for the heterosexual & lgbtq troops or just make sodomy illegal again. *Triple the strategic oil reserves.  Foreign Policy *Help stabilize Mexico, so the immigrants will not want to invade our country. *No dual citizenships should be allowed. *All foreign aid must be approved by the citizens of the United States in a national election. *No U.N. or foreign troops inside the U.S. borders-& get the U.S. out of the U.N. membership. *Use our embassies and ambassadors to take the place of U.N. negotiations, as they were intended. *Support Israeli security fence, & the keeping of the west bank and Gaza strip for modern Israel. *Support Lebanon as a Christian nation & homeland. The Palestinian Christians can go to Lebanon and    the muslims can go to Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Turkey and/or Saudi Arabia. The U.N. could    even purchase land in one of these countries and give them their own nation. *Allow food & medical supplies to go to the Palestinians during transformation period. *Stop our Government from killing and helping to kill Christians in Africa, Iraq, Syria or anywhere else in the    world they  maybe harming or helping to harm Christians. Also, stop them from burning our Holy Bibles. *Get U.S. troops out of muslim lands & get muslims out of U.S. and European lands. Immigration *Secure the Mexican border with a wall & put in place an immigration moratorium. *Place a tariff on all mexican imports to pay for the wall and the burden of the illegal immagrints. *No amnesty in any way, shape or form. *Make it a criminal act for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. *Make it illegal to aid people who are inside the U.S. illegally.  *If and when the economy recovers. A closely monitored migrant work program could be used, but   children born here will not become citizens and labor laws will be followed. *Immigrants and migrant workers must pass physical, before entry to CONUS. *No one should gain citizenship, because they and/or their parents invaded the U.S.A. (No anchor   babies) *Prosecute Congressmen & Senators for treason, whom have supported the invasion of the United   States by illegal immigrants and for other treasonous acts like those who supported the F35 program   and/or canceled the F22 &/or also made small lot purchases of F-22’s that friviuosly wasted money. *Revert the 1965 immagration act and take corrective action for the damage that has already been done. Hold people accountable for their action *Prosecute Bohemian club, Bilderbergers, C.F.R members, Federal Reserve & communists for treason *Prosecute Congressman  & Senators for treason that pushed, sponsored or voted for the program   That sells U.S. homes for $500,000 or more to foreign nationals and gives them legal residence. *Prosecute those responsible for allowing technology transfers to communists (China & modern Isreal). *Prosicute FBI and CIA who ingaged in illegal acts/crime.   Misc. *Stop investors from buying up prescription drugs; like chemo, and trading them like a commodity.    You can only buy prescription drugs if you have a prescription, not because you’re an investor   Thus, raising the price from $12 to $1000 per prescription and in some cases even more, which increases the cost    Medical care and availability of these lifesaving drugs.. *Reduce non-violent jail-able offences & deploy corporal and monetary punishment to reduce the cost   of criminal activity and make room for the violent offenders. *Criminalize homosexuality, trans-sexuality, Pornography, Adultery & free willed Public displays of nudity. *Stop child pornography & the Child sex trade. *Criminalize satanic religions & activities; including the bohemian clubs.  *Increase penalties for contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Corrupting with drugs, alcohol, sex,   Porn or criminal activity. *Advanced the space & science program. *Hold & fund science and engineering competitions. *Allow health supplements and alternate health care to be tax deductible. *Campaign reform- Only individuals from the candidates region can donate to the campaign. No   Corporations, especially foreign!   (Example: President= every U.S. citizen, Senator= every U.S. citizen in his   state, Congressmen = every U.S. citizen in his district.)     * Make it illegal for a non-U.S. citizen to own land within the United States. This would include foreign    Corporations. *Make the English language the only language used to conduct official business within the U.S. borders.    There will be exceptions for discussions with foreign governments. All public schools will use only    English to teach; except for foreign language classes. *Reduce 501c3 restrictions on Churches. Separation of Church & state works both ways. *Release un-redacted information on the Roswell incident & others. Restrict what information the government   can classify as secret to just keep it from the United States citizens. Although, still not allowing it to be   given to foreign countries and their citizens and even to not allow it to be broadcast by the media   where the audience is unknown. *Hold pharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturing corporations accountable for their products. *Change the patriot act to only apply to non-United States Citizens.  *Create a separation of corporations and state. *Rejuvenate the space program & exploration. Good Sermons from the 1950’s & 1960’s We believe that the Lord God Almighty has given us a plan to salvation:        * Repent and be Baptised.    (Acts  2:38)        * Keep the commandments of God and have faith in and testimony of the           Lord, Saviour and Messiah Jesus Christ.  (Rev. 12:17, Deut. 30:16, Rev.14:12)        * Have a sword.  (Luke 22:36)        * Have a shelter to enter into.   (Isaiah 26:20,21)        * Have supplies to last to the end.  (Mark 13:13 Matt. 25:1-12)        * Come out of Babylon.  (Rev. 18:4,5)  (be self-sufficient) If not, Jesus will come like a thief in the night. Be watchful, awaken and be ready. (Rev.3:3, 1 Thess. 5:1-7, Rev. 16:15) Good Sermons from the 1970’s & 1980’s Polydoros of Sparta 741-665 B.C. If you worship your enemy, you are defeated. If you adopt your enemies religion , you are enslaved. If you bred with your enemy, you are destroyed. * Russian bomber technology is allowing Russian bombers to penetrate Canadian airspace undetected. *Russian bombers carry up to 16 stealth cruise missiles. These missiles have a range of over 5,000 KM. * The distance to U.S. targets from across Canada is only 3,000 KM!! * This allows the Russians to fire stealth cruise missiles undetected before they even enter Canadian airspace!! *Remember the Russians &  Chinese are on a cold war status  and carry live nuclear weapons on their aircraft, ships & submarines! * Our ICBM silos are now left unmanned! They are controlled via an intra-net system. In one cyber attack, China has taken over the system and shut down almost 50% of our ICBMS!! MOSCOW, June 15 2005 - the State Department said; An unarmed Russian Tupolev Tu-154  will photograph U.S. territory under the Open Skies Treaty.          Do you know? Our department of energy recovered & processed most all of the former soviet unions nuclear material and sent it back to Russia, where it was turned into new and better weapons systems. All on the U.S. tax payer dollar.            Do you know? Under the bush & the obama administrations it became our official policy to not respond to a nuclear attack with nuclear  weapons.   Alert! Alert! Alert!